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Download Adobe DNG Flat Field

Download Adobe DNG Flat Field
Adobe DNG Flat Field is a plug-in for Lightroom to correct an optical phenomenon called shading (also known as "lens cast"). Shading is a more general form of standard lens vignetting: with shading, the light falloff can be asymmetric and can have a color cast (e.g., green on the left side of the image, and magenta on the right side).

It is most often seen with mirrorless camera systems. Examples include medium format digital backs on technical cameras, and Micro Four-Thirds or Sony NEX cameras with third-party, non-retrofocus lenses.

The easiest way to fix shading is with a calibration image. When you take a regular photo, you also shoot a reference or calibration shot (e.g., through a plastic diffuser card) with the same optical setup. For best results, use the same optical configuration (i.e. same lens, f-stop number, focal length, focal distance, etc.) when shooting your regular photo and the calibration shot. Software like the DNG Flat Field plug-in can then analyze the calibration shot, and remove the light falloff and color cast from the corresponding real photo.

The Adobe DNG Flat Field plug-in is available in the Lightroom Library module, from the Library -> Plug-In 

Extras menu. There are two menu options:
  • Apply interleaved correction...
  • Apply external correction...

Use the former for the case where you interleave calibration shots with your real photos in the field (e.g., take some pictures, take a calibration shot, take some more pictures, take another calibration shot, etc.). Use the latter for the studio/museum case where you have a fixed setup and you simply want to apply a correction using a pre-shot calibration file on disk (chosen via a dialog box).

Both features are designed to work in batch mode.
When applying corrections, the plug-in generates a new DNG file and automatically adds it to the catalog, stacked with the original photo. Therefore, after applying the correction, you now have uncorrected (i.e., original) and corrected photos sitting side-by-side. This makes it easy to do before/after comparisons.

In interleaved mode, the plug-in automatically detects calibration shots.

Download Adobe DNG Flat Field for Windows


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