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Download Safe Express 5.51

Safe Express is a powerful e-mail client.  Safe Expressencrypts all messages sent from PC. Safe Expressautomatically categories incoming emails as spam or non-spam.
Safe Express is user friendly, it is compatible to other email clients. Safe Express protects Personal Computer from viruses and worms that spreads via Email.
Safe Express gives facility for previewing and managing on POP server before downloading it. Safe Express supports unlimited users and their accounts. Safe Express also supports Drag and Drop function. Users can import e-mails from other (previously used) email clients to Safe Express. Download Safe Express 5.51

Download Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50

Cygnus Hex Editor is a free editor tool. Cygnus Hex Editor can delete and also can insert data in files like other word processing softwares. Cygnus Hex Editor have tabbed Graphical User Interface.
Cygnus Hex Editor supports undo and redo with many levels. Cygnus Hex Editor also supports drag and drop feature. Cygnus Hex Editor's Data Inspector helps in viewing and editing data. 
Cygnus Hex Editor also have fast find and replace options. Cygnus Hex Editorhelps in editing files upto 2GB (available virtual memory).  Download Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50

Download Challenger 2.4.17

Challenger is a utility tool that can encrypts a single data or whole directory. Challenger gives local data protection and communication data protection while working in closed network. Challenger is simple for use. 
Challenger can be installed or can be used as portable in media devices like Pen Drives, SD cards and DVDs. Challenger single installer works on both 32-bit and 64-bit of devices. Challenger detects the corrupt methods of data encryption. Download Challenger 2.4.17

Download ManicTime 3.3.3

ManicTime is a time management utility tool. ManicTime tracks and remembers times when application started and how long it takes it to. ManicTimecompletely works offline, that it does not need an internet connection for its fully functionality.
ManicTime collect, keeps and present the whole data in Graphics that can be easily under-stable. ManicTime keeps hourly time-data-sheets. ManicTime is compatible with other task based time, like GitHub. 
ManicTime uses Auto-tagging feature that helps identifying the works done in the whole day. ManicTime keeps tracking the working hours, and it also counts the time when there is no work, or the users gone away for other works and keep the time as a note. ManicTime also have Stopwatch that helps in tracking the time manually. Download ManicTime 3.3.3

Download Auto Hide IP

Auto Hide IP is an internet privacy tool that helps in hiding identity on the web. Auto Hide IP gives facality of anonymous web browsing from site to site across globe of web.
Auto Hide IP protects the real IP while surfing on network, that helps in protecting web activity from hackers or ID-theives.
Auto Hide IP also hide the Real IP from e-mail headers, that are being sent by Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Auto Hide IP helps in getting to the Forums and Message Boards that are being banned for users. Download Auto Hide IP

Download Quick Startup

Quick Startup is a free startup manager that disable programs to help speeding up system boot process. Quick Startup helps a PC which is loading slow. Quick Startup have a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) that increase usability of this tool. 
Quick Startup helps in browsing all the startup item as list. Quick Startup helps in adding, editing and deleting startup entries. Download Quick Startup

Download Junkware Removal Tool 7.6.2

Junkware Removal Tool is a small freeware computer protection software. Junkware Removal Tool helps in finding and removing ad-ware, unwanted toolbars and other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).
Junkware Removal Tool removes the ad-wares unwanted toolbars and other PUPs named: 24×7 help, Advanced System Protector, AppGraffiti, Ask Toolbar, Astromenda, Babylon, Baidu, Blekko, Browserprotect, Browsersafeguard, Claro, Complitly, Conduit,DataMgr, Dealio, DealPly, Delta, Driver Pro, Driver Cure, Eorezo, ESafe, Facemoods, Fantastigames, Findgala, Freecause, Getsavin, Globasearch, Guffins, Hao123, ILivid, Iminent, Inbox Toolbar, Incredibar, Industriya, Istartsurf, JollyWallet, KingBrowse, Lasaoren, Linkury, Lyrics, Mighty Magoo,MoboGenie, Mocaflix, MyPC Backup, MyWebSearch, NewTab, Omniboxes, OoVoo Toolbar, OtShot, PC MightyMax, PC Optimizer Pro, PC Performer, PC Speed Maximizer, PC Speed Up, PCFixSpeed, PCSafeDoctor, Plus-HD, Pricepeep, Privitize, QuestBasic, Quiknowledge, Qvo6, Qwiklinx,…

Download Novaroma

Novaroma is an free and open source software. Novaroma is an free tool that can be used for downloading TV shows, movies and subtitles automatically. Novaromatracks TV shows, and featured marked as watched and play unwatched last episodes.
Novaroma gets all the subtitles, downloads and changes titles automatically. Novaroma have an feature "Discover", where users gets more TV shows. Novaroma also have an option of having TV/Movie information (Poster, IMDB rating, Votes and descriptions). Using Novaroma user can download TV shows, movies and subtitles. Novaroma has plug-ins in it. Download Novaroma

Download TuneBite 2016 14.0.37304.400

Tunebite can record music and films from paid streaming services. Tunebite also copy all the writeprotected CD/DVD medias too. Tunebite supports more than 80 file formats and more than 80 devices for copying music, video, audiobook, podcast, films and DVD by converting them in their required file format. Tunebite automatically adds ID3 tags, album images and song lyrics in the music.  Download TuneBite 2016 14.0.37304.400

Download Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10536.1004

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview have included Insider Hub again in this update. Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Update have fixed Mobile Hotspot Functionality.
There is an added support for Japanese and English (India) speech recognition in Windows 10 Mobile Insider PreviewWindows 10 Mobile Insider Preview have also fixed step 2-factor authentication, when setting a device. Start Screen have changed the text and reboot problem, when failing in loading.
Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview have also fixed the Quite Hours function with delay in showing date and time on Lock Screen has been improved now. Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview have improved Pinch and Zoom function in Maps. Photos app has been updated, this update brings faster photo loading.  Download Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10536.1004

Download Weather Watcher Live 7.2.51

Weather Watcher Live is a free software for weather forecast on PC. Weather Watcher Live retrieve the current weather conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast, severe weather alerts from NWS.

Weather Watcher Live shows weather of thousands of cities on just a click. Weather Watcher Live uses WeatherBug and NWS for weather forecast data. Weather Watcher Live shows 60-hours of forecast.

Weather Watcher Live shows next 7-days and night forecast for free. Weather Watcher Live have in-built 700+ weather maps. Weather Watcher Live featured easy access to easy weather news, cameras and photos. Weather Watcher Live shows local weather report. Weather Watcher Live shows current temperature. Download the Software (Weather Watcher Live 7.2.51): File Name: WeatherWatcherSetup.exe Software Name: Weather Watcher Live Version: 7.2.51 Developer: File Size: 2.2 MB Official Link: Download Weather Watcher Live 7.2.51

Download Deluge 1.3.12

Deluge is a cross-platform BitTorrent client. Deluge features MUI (Multiple User-Interface) like GTK+, web and console. Deluge can handles all BitTorrent activities. Delugehave a large collection of plug-ins in-build. Deluge has designed for all the platforms and works in GNOME, KDE, XFCE and other environments.
Deluge have an split technology that split files into sections and thus gets more speed over downloading. Deluge provides a secure environment for downloading torrents. Delugefeatures Local Peer Discovery as well as it have a FAST protocol extension.
Deluge supports µTorrent Peer to Peer Exchange. Deluge provides downloading from private torrents and password protection too.  Download Deluge 1.3.12 for WindowsDownload Deluge 1.3.12 for Mac OS XDownload Deluge 1.3.12 for openSUSE

Download MediaJoin

MediaJoin is a simple free audio-video joiner. MediaJoinhave a clean and easy GUI (Graphic User Interface). MediaJoin supports both audio and video. 
MediaJoinsupports some video formats that is AVI, MPEG and WMV. MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA are the audio formats that is being supported by MediaJoin. MediaJoin both imports and exports these extensions. MediaJoin have some editing features like changing audio codes, bit rate, width, height and frame rate.  Download MediaJoin

Download Android Studio 141.2117773

Android Studio is an Editor tool for Android Application. Android Studio have all the tools wanted by a developer in order to design and test his developed apps. Android Studiohave features of IntelliJ, which is another IDE. Android Studio also have Gradle engine, that helps in working seamless, cutomizing builds and enhancing flexibility of the application.
Android Studio have an compiler and tester for the android applications. Its tester works as Emulator. Android Studio helps in identifying the bugs more quickly and easily by running in-depth examination.
At the end, Android Studio have an Intelligent Code Editor, Code Templates and also have GitHub integration in it. Android Studio have feature of multi-app development like Android Phones, Android Tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto and Google Glass. Android Studio have built-in support for Google Cloud Platfrom. Download Android Studio 141.2117773 for WindowsDownload Android Studio 141.2117773 for Wind…

Download WinGuard Pro 2016

WinGuard Pro is security software that locks application by password. WinGuard Pro provides extra security, and is both useful for home and office. WinGuard Pro provides feature that encrypt files a user want.
WinGuard Pro provides TaskLock, Advanced and File Protection. WinGuard Proprovides access lock to Control Panel and other sensitive places where settings are saved. WinGuard Pro does not lock the whole PC, its just lock the application or areas a user want to lock. Download WinGuard Pro 2014 WinGuard Pro 2016

Download Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8.4

Yahoo SiteBuilder is an professional website maker tool for developers. Yahoo SiteBuilder is easy and powerful tool. Yahoo SiteBuilder have over 380 templates in-built. Yahoo SiteBuilder runs offline, means it does not need an Internet connectivity.
Yahoo SiteBuilder have a drag-and-drop tool, it is easy to add new pages, layouts, colour and more. Yahoo SiteBuilder have an integrate PayPal buttons to sell products and accept donation online. Download Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8.4

Download I2P

I2P is a simple software that, create a secure layer and anonymous identity for sending messages to each other. I2P protects the messages from spying by 3rd Parties.
I2P uses a four layer of encryption when sending a message. I2P installs servral plug-ins for E-mail, Web Browsing, Blogging/Forums, Website Hosting, Real Time Chatting, FileSharing and File Storage. Download I2P for WindowsDownload I2P for Mac OS X/Linux/BSD and SolarisDownload I2P for AndroidDownload I2P for Mac ZIP (.taz.bz2)

Download Restore Point Creator 3.3.2

Restore Point Creator is small software for creating Restore Point easily. Restore Point Creator makes creating restore point simple and easy with a click. 
Restore Point Creator have two options - The first is "Create System Checkpoint - creates a system restore point with default name", and the Second one is "Create Custom Named" that asks you the name of the Restore Point. Restore Point Creator support Windows XP and higher but some functions will not work in Windows XP. Download Restore Point Creator 3.3.2Download Restore Point Creator 3.3.2 Portable

Download Privacy Eraser

Privacy Eraser is an utility tool similar to CCleaner. Privacy Eraser removes all the history of browser and other activities done on computer. Privacy Eraser removes cache, cookies, browsing history, address-bar history, auto-complete forms and saved passwords from all the Browser.
Privacy Eraser also removes search history runs on Windows Explorer, Open/Save History, Recent Documents, Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, Clipboard, Taskbar Jump Lists, DNS Cache, Log Files, Memory Dumps, Error Reporting and many more histories that just occupy space.
Privacy Eraser have more than 250 plug-ins that are supported by some most popular software. Privacy eraser also includes Drive wiper that wipes-out the free space on the hard drive.
Privacy Eraser also cleans invalid registry entries. Privacy Eraser supports real-time monitoring, if user set it, it will clean the history after the browser closes. Download Privacy Eraser Privacy Eraser Portable

Download Greasemonkey 3.4

GreaseMonkey is a  extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to install scripts on web-pages. The script install by user using GreaseMonkey on webpage will be forever, till the user remove it, means whenever use visit the site from its browser the javascript he added will be added automatically as a part of Website. Greasemonkey allows users to write their own script. There are some othere script already exist. Download Greasemonkey 3.4

Download Alternate Pic View 2.096

Alternate Pic View is an open-source software build for watching picture and images. Alternate Pic View shows Slideshow of Images, Thumbnails of Images, Tile and also function Drawing operations.
Alternate Pic View can combine two different pictures. Alternate Pic View takes out icons from .dll and .exe file extensions. Alternate Pic View also shows the file properties of image. Alternate Pic View have some image editing functions like red eye reduction, scale colours, rotate colours and drawing arrows.
Alternate Pic View can compare two different pictures based on their properties. Alternate Pic View have an auto-save option that saves file in background while working. Alternate Pic View supports JPEG 2000 and IFF. Alternate Pic View also save and can store ASCII Text Files. Alternate Pic View have a new QR Code Generator in it. Download Alternate Pic View 2.096

Download Crystal Security

Crystal Security is a malware-removal tool that is based on cloud. Crystal Security uses advanced technology for detecting malware in real time. Crystal Security helps in protection from latest viruses and malware. Crystal Security works with other Antivirus installed on PC. Crystal Security is a lightweight program, it does not take more space on harddrive.  Download Crystal Security

Download WinNc

WinNc is an extended tabbed alternate file manager for Windows. WinNc does all the basic tasks of a file manager like copying, moving, deleting, compressing and uncompressing files
WinNc also converts audios into different extensions. WinNc burns files on DVD and CD. WinNc also creates ISO files and it also sync files. WinNc can also create .exe files.
WinNchandles multiple tasks, and do it one after one. WinNc have in-built file viewer that supports all the most popular extensions. WinNc have a slideshow viewer, an audio player and video player too for watching medias. Download WinNc

Download WebBrowserPassView 1.66

WebBrowserPassView is an password recovery tool that gets back the password stored in Browser. WebBrowserPassView saves the password entered on GMAIL, Facebook, Yahoo and other many website, that is being also saved by Web Browser. 
WebBrowserPassViewsupported by Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. WebBrowserPassView work with Windows 2000 and later.  Download WebBrowserPassView 1.66

Download Vuze Leap

Vuze Leap is an modern Torrent Download Manager. Vuze Leap is optimized for providing faster downloading of Torrents.
Vuze Leap provides more security and privacy while working with torrents. Vuze Leap is a non-ad-supportive software. Vuze Leap provides access to Vuze torrents. It also have magnet link support.
Vuze Leap also offers Media Playback of the  Media Torrents. Vuze Leap have an in-built meta search for finding content. Download Vuze Leap

Download IPNetInfo 1.65

IPNetInfo is a tiny utility tool that helps in finding information about IP Address. IPNetInfoprovides all the information of IP address like owner of IP address, country/state, range, contact number and other more useful information.
IPNetInfo request information from whois server of ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC and AfriNIC. IPNetInfo need Windows 98 and later. Download IPNetInfo 1.65

Download TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is an utility tool for images. TSR Watermark Image provides batch watermark. TSR Watermark Image have in-built borders, crosses and special effects for adding watermark on the image.
TSR Watermark Image supports text, crosses and special effects. TSR Watermark Image Pro versions supports metadata copying of EXIF, IPTC and more extensions.
TSR Watermark Image Pro have 225 special watermarking fonts in it. TSR Pro also supports upload to Wordpress and FTP. TSR Watermark Image have photo effects feature in its trail version.

New Version: TSR Watermark Image Download TSR Watermark Image TSR Watermark Image Pro (Portable)

Download BestX Keylogger 4.1.0

BestX Keylogger is parential software for tracking children when they are not available with them at home. BestX Keylogger records all the keywords used in the mean time. 
BestX Keylogger caputure usernames and passwords that is being entered on it. It monitors clipboard. BestX Keylogger also monitors the Internet Activity of Childrens. 
BestX Keylogger monitors software process and makes report. BestX Keylogger take screen-shots of the whole page and saves it. BestX Keylogger also track the e-mails delivered and the uploads on FTP server. With all its feature BestX Keylogger is undetectable. Download BestX Keylogger 4.1.0

Download UltraSurf 15.02

UltraSurf is an privacy tool that helps in visiting website safely and privately. UltraSurf enables a secure and encrypted tunnel to walk throught it. 
UltraSurf helps in accessing the website that are not accessible in your country. UltraSurf also hides IP Adress from the Website that are visited by the user. UltraSurf is being used in more than 180 countries worldwide.  Download UltraSurf 15.02UltraSurf for Google Chorme (Extension)

ZoneAlarm Firewall 15.1.504.17269

ZoneAlarm Firewall helps in protecting from external threats like Hackers. ZoneAlarm's Free Firewall provides advanced Firewall in its freeware version mainly designed for Home Users.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall blocks all the virus script that can't be tracked by Antivirus alone. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall helps protecting from spywares.

ZoneAlarm's Free Firewall makes you invisible to hackers on-net. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall provides an toolbar that provides more security to browsing including Facebook privacy scan. ZoneAlarm's Free Firewall scans all the downloading file and suggest to download if it safe. Download the Software (Adobe AIR / Beta): File Name: zafwSetupWeb_151_504_17269.exe Software Name: ZoneAlarm Firewall Version: 15.1.504.17269 Developer: Zone Labs and Check Point Software Technologies File Size: 5.7 MB Official Link: Download ZoneAlarm's Free Firewall 15.1.504.17269

Download Movavi Video Converter 15.3.0

Movavi Video Converter is an cool video converter software. Movavi Video Converter supports all media, video, audio and images. Movavi Video Converter can produce all video formats, including mobile device videos too.
Movavi Video Converter also have Video Editor in it, user can trim-join, enhance, crop-rotate and also can add captions and watermarks to videos.
Movavi Video Converterconverts videos fast in SuperSpeed mode.It supports Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA CUDA hardware. Movavi Video Converter also can helps extracting audio from videos.
Movavi Video Converter can create GIF files from videos. Movavi Video Converteralso feature adjusting sound facility. Movavi Video Convertersupports Windows XP and higher OSs.  Download Movavi Video Converter 15.3.0Download Movavi Video Converter 15.3.0 for Mac OS X

Download WavePad Sound Editor 6.25

WavePad Sound Editor is a free music editor tool for Windows and Mac devices. WavePad Sound Editor can record and edit songs, voices and other vocal recordings too.
WavePad Sound Editor can be used as audio editor. It provides some effects like echo, amplification and noice reduction. WavePad Sound Editor supports a large number of extensions like vox, ogg, flac and many others too.
WavePad Sound Editor also includes spectral analysis, speech synthesis and voice changer features. WavePad Sound Editor needs Windows XP or later, Mac OS X or later, iOS 3.2 or later on iPad and Android 2.3.3 or higher. Download WavePad Sound Editor 6.25Download WavePad Sound Editor 6.25 for Mac OS XDownload WavePad Sound Editor 6.25 for iDevicesDownload WavePad Sound Editor 6.25 for AndroidDownload WavePad Sound Editor 6.25 for Kindle

Download XnView 2.34

XnView is used for browsing, organising and viewing image files in many ways like Thumbnail view, FullScreen View, FilmStrip View, SlideShow with FX and Image Compare, etc.
XnView is used for editing images. XnView Editor supports resizing image, rotate the image, cropping, lossless rotating, cropping, adjusting brightness, adjusting contrast, auto leveling image, auto contrasting the image, modifying colors depth and palette, apply filters and effects on images.
XnView used for creating and exporting more than 70 formats in Slide Shows of image, Web Pages, Contact Sheets, Video Thumbnails Gallery, File Listings and Strip of Image.
XnView helps in reading about 500 formats of images. XnView have feature of finding Duplicate images. Download XnView 2.34 SmallDownload XnView 2.34 StandardDownload XnView 2.34 Extended

Download SpyBot Anti-Beacon 1.3

Spybot Anti-Beacon is a free utility software that are specially made for disabling the features that collect personal data in Windows 10. Spybot Anti-Beacon needs some technical knowledge for using this software. Spybot Anti-Beacon handles all the processes in the PC, means without informing you no one can send your personal details to its servers. 
SpyBot Anti-Beacon 1.3 have new options like, it moved option to show/hide checkboxes to global button,it added details for most entries, added task bar color progress, it added task bar tasks, it fixed hosts file locked issue, it improved log output and it have also added command line parameters. Download SpyBot Anti-Beacon 1.3

Download FFmpeg 2.8

FFmpeg is one of the leading multimedia framework. FFmpeg is able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play. FFmpeg can play any video. FFmpeg is made by providing best technical possible solution for developers. FFmpeg provides security is a high priority and code review. Download FFmpeg for Windows (32-bit) Download FFmpeg for Windows (64-bit) Download FFmpeg 2.8 for Linux

Download PhraseExpress 11.0.121

PhraseExpress organises frequently used text snippets and use it for faster typing. PhraseExpress is include Microsoft/Firebird SQL server support and central client management features. Citrix/TerminalServer is also supported in PhraseExpress.
PhraseExpress is helpful for peoples who are continually typing the same things. PhraseExpress reduce the time spent on typing and minimizing spelling mistakes in the documents. 
PhraseExpress include spelling correction system, it provides more convinient for use. PhraseExpress have an Clipboard Manager that keeps recently copied clipboard. PhraseExpress is a multi-platform, it is available for Windows and Android too.
Download PhraseExpress 11.0.121 for WindowsDownload PhraseExpress 11.0.121 for Windows (Portable)Download PhraseExpress 11.0.121 for Android

Download PhotoDirector 6.0.6318.0

PhotoDirector contain all the tool wanted by a Photographer in an application. PhotoDirector can manage photos, provides advanced adjustment and creative editing tools too. PhotoDirector have an search facility, throught user can search right picture by colour labels, star rating and keywords too. PhotoDirector can make amazing portraits with its given tools with the removal of unwanted objects in the image. Download PhotoDirector 6.0.6318.0 for WindowsDownload PhotoDirector 6.0.6318.0 for Mac