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WinZip 20.5.12118

Download WinZip 20.5.12118
WinZip is the most popular tool for packaging and extraction of compressed files. It is the tool that can unzip almost all major formats of compression including .RAR. It have an in-build complete file management tool that helps in finding, opening, editing, moving and sharing files. It uses AES encryption for protection that has been used by Banks.

It have an tool that can preview the file in the zip of on local folders. It can also convert files into PDF and share it too. It can also compress images and make it small enough and give options of uploading into cloud service.

WinZip have a new tool called "scan and share" that can share the scanned documents through mail, social and instant messaging. It also can send screen capture to social medias and others. It connects with cloud services and can place files there too. Users can share files using Zippyshare that has in-built in the WinZip latest version. WinZip also can send large files and folders using cloud services.

It have an watermark feature that helps in adding watermark on images and PDF for deterring unauthorized copyright to the documents. Users can also add time stamp for more security of the file. It have included backup tool that helps in backing-up the files compress it and save it the users favorite cloud service.

Download the software (WinZip 20.5.12118):

File Name: winzip200mul.exe and winzipmacedition40.dmg
Software Name: WinZip
Version: and
Size: 670 KB and 11.3 MB
Official Link:

Download WinZip 20.0.11659

Download WinZip 4.0.2519

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