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Download Slimjet
Slimjet is browser that is being dedicated to User privacy, gets less crashes and provide secure browsing. It does not send any usage data to officials. It have new and advanced anti-tracking tech . It provides faster browser startup, faster page loading. It uses Blink Engine that make it more responsive User Interface.

It have power and more flexible options that helps in getting more features without adding external plugins. It gives protection against phishing and malware. It provides advanced privacy control options and robust sandboxed multi-process architecture.

It have inbuilt Ad-blocker, Hi-Speed Download Manager that can increase the speed of downloading. It have YouTube Video Downloader inbuilt that helps in saving YouTube videos in various resolution and format. It also have translate option that can translate the whole or selected text into any languages.

It also have an fast uploading speed with Photo enhancement tech. It have social network integration that is being not supported by any popular browser. It have released its latest version on 3rd of November in year 2015.

Download the Software (Slimjet

File Name:
  1. sjtwebsetup_x86.exe
  2. sjtsetup_x86.exe
  3. slimjet_i386.deb
  4. slimjet_amd64.deb
  5. slimjet_i386.tar.xz
  6. slimjet_amd64.tar.xz
Software Name: Slimjet
Developer: FlashPeak Inc.
File Size:
  1. 345 KB
  2. 43.4 MB
  3. 55.7 MB
  4. 55.2 MB
  5. 56.5 MB
  6. 55.9 MB
Official Link:

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