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Hate Story 3 Movie Full Story


Hate Story 3 is one of sequences of "Hate" story. Hate Story 3's story is the best of the three movies in the series and the writer done a great job there.
Poster of Hate Story 3:
Hate Story 3 Movie Full Story

Story of "Hate Story 3"

The Story contains a bit of romance, some shot of action and thriller. The movie started from Aditya Diwan the owner of Diwan Group of Industries and her wife Siya Diwan.

My Bad Prediction:

Showing Aditya Diwan as good man and industrialist, whose have good connection with many of persons. I thought, by watching the two songs of the movie Hate Story 3 (Tu Isaq Mera and Tumhe Apna Banane Ka) that Aditya Diwan is a bad personality in the movie. But with the starting of the movie I went wrong for my prediction.

Singhania's entry in the Movie and rest of Story:

After some times of the movie, it comes another character named Saurav Singhania. The Bad character in the movie comes with Singhania, who want to take Aditya's girlfriend for a night.

Aditya becomes angry and leave the palace of the Singhania. Diwan Group of Companies also owns a cold drink factory. Singhania purchased a person of the factory and give him poison to mix it with the cold drink, and he does so.

People takes the cold drink and become ill and some of them dies. Police siege the factory and stop the production of the cold drink. Aditya took her assistance (Kaya) and officially announced that the mistake done in factory by her and take her out in the view of people, but he promise to give salary to her every month till her life. But Kaya refuse to take his salary and leaves the office in anger.

Singhania calls Aditya's assistance and get her ready by asking her a fake story to her that Aditya was his sister's classmate and she loves her but he treated with her badly. 

After this fake story,  there's comes a romantic song "Tu Ishq Mera". Kaya told all of the story to Aditya and he looks for all details about the Singhania. 

Adiya, gives a task to Kaya that is delivery of Rs.50,00,00,000 to Communication Minister "Datta" for passing the bill in the parliament which will makes Aditya more powerful and rich. Kaya gots a man send the package to Datta's house. After leaving to the truck driver Kaya got a call of Aditya Diwan and call her to get back the driver because it was the trap for him by Singhania.

When Kaya reaches to the truck driver, the truck and the driver reached at the house of the Telecom Minister and police arrived and caught the truck driver and put him in custody. Minister asks the media that it was a trap by the opposition to make destroy my name.

Aditya saved for this time, but lost the relationship with Minister. Singhania knows that Kaya was with Aditya but he calls of her and ask her to say to Aditya that "She is got tired from these and she will tell the police everything."

Singhania killed Kaya and get his assistant to put the body somewhere, as he does and he also kills the driver of the car while car was in motion. The assistant removed his fingerprints from the car, as he was driving the car.

Singhania, created a trap and got success in putting Aditya in the custody for Murder of Kaya and giving money to the Minister for the bill while he was just going to Foreign to get rid of the Court. Heiring arrived for Bail, but aditya was found to be questioning and does not got a bail from the Court.

Siya went to Singhania at last, for the sake of bail of Aditya Diwan by providing her the evidence that will prove that Aditya has not done so as the charges on him. As Singhania wanted, Kaya in-depression got to him for a night.

Firstly, Siya doesn't want but for Aditya, she drink about 3 or 4 packs of drink and then get with him with a song "Wajah Tum Ho".  When she got up, she shakened by seeking a tattoo on the back near the shoulder of Singhania and got in reverse to her back life.

Here's arises the true story of Hate Story 3, Vikram Diwan, the big son of Raghvendra Diwan and elder brother of Aditya Diwan comes. Raghvendra Diwan has died and the day comes when company and its most important peoples will get know about the Will of Ranghvendra Diwan, the ex-Chairman of Diwan Group of Companies.

As all knows in the office, Vikram got the chairman's post and Aditya got vice-chairman post in the Company. When they came back to home Siya congratulate Vikram for getting the post of Chairman in the company and hug him twice.

Aditya does not happy with it and was just going to kill Siya in her room. Aditya calls her off to show his truthness by coming to her room in night after the party that is organized at the home.

In the party, Vikram proposed Siya for wedding as she accepted his proposal. Aditya becomes more angry and left the party. Siya showing her truthness she went to his room their Aditya tell her to kill Vikram and prove that she loves him.

Siya does so in the next morning, when Vikram ready for going to important meeting by Private Plane. She changed his original bag with the other one which have time bomb in it.

After hiking on the plane and takeoff of the plane, he opens the briefcase and got another paper instead of original papers. He removes the cover and takes look in the inner region of the briefcase and he find a time bomb which is going to blast in just 18 seconds.

He thought of something and got what happens to him, but it was too late the plane crashed. She got herself back from the imagination and calls her Vikram and said, "Look Vikram, I have no mistake in it, this was the plan of Aditya". But he refused and says, "Take this papers and got signature of Aditya". That was the paper of company's ownership and everything that Vikram had if he alive in that condition.

She got to Aditya and told him the whole story, Aditya gain took her and made a plan. He signs the paper and returns Siya to Vikram. Vikram was unknown of the trap got the paper in hand and Siya made a small hurt to Singhania (Now Vikram). He turns the paper and while watching blood, he takes his finger in the mouth.

The Paper got poison and he falls down, his assistant comes and says what you have done. She asks for evidence that proves Aditya was neither involved in the Kaya murder case nor in giving money to the Minister.

Aditya get bail and Singhania (Vikram) got into hospital for treatment. He was in-taked Belladonna (Poison) as said by Siya after providing her the evidence.

Aditya started working again and got into a closed project for watching. In the uniform of one of the guard of Aditya, Singhania (Now Vikram) came and start shooting and killing its all the guards. After killing all the guards and assistant of Aditya Diwan he goes for killing Siya and Aditya.

Siya, played a trick one second and said, "I haven't done anything, all the thing was planned by Aditya", while Aditya takes a rod and comes behind Singhania (Vikram) and put a rod shot on him.

After a few punches and action, Singhania (Now Vikram) got a pistol and shoots Siya first and then Aditya. Aditya was asked who are you, but he doesn't tells anything.

All the three was lying on the building, Aditya and Siya was died but Singhania (Vikram) was living. His assistant takes him to hospital, and their got all the mystery of story comes on the front.

Aditya told a story in the beginning of the movie of his brother Vikram and his friend Karan. Vikram decided to donated his half of liver to his friend without thinking and done so.

Singhania was the friend of Vikram who got the liver and a new life because of Vikram. Vikram was also looking fine on the wheelchair. The assistant of Singhania was really the person who finds Vikram in bad condition living and got him to hospital and calls Karan.


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