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Pinga - BRM

Pinga Song Lyrics
Song: Pinga
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Album/Movie: Bajirao Mastani
Music Label: EROS

Inga ga pori
Pinga ga pori
Pinga ga pori Pinga

Mala pingyani maala
Bholavli raat
Ghalavli pori pinga

Latpat latpat kamar daamini adhar ragini ho..
Hey.. latpat latpat kamar daamini
Adhar ragini nirdhar aayi kaise saji dhaji
Dekho mere piya ki sanwari jiya se banwari
Mere angna mein dekho aaj khila hai chaand

Ke baaje dhun jham-jham jhamak jha
To nache mann cham-cham chamak cha

Inga ga pori
Pinga ga pori
Pinga ga pori Pinga (x2)


Mere jiya mein utaari
Tune paini piya ki kataari
Haan.. tu jaane ye duniyadaari
Main tu hoon bas mohabbat ki maari

Jo peer meri hai so peer teri
Are dono ki maang laage
Sooni aadhi aadhi naa..

Ke baaje dhun jham jham jhamak jhaa
To naache mann cham cham chamak chaa
Ke baaje dhun jham jham jhamak jhaa
To nache mann cham cham chamak chaa

Inga ga pori
Pinga ga pori
Pinga ga pori Pinga (x4)


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