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GenyMotion 2.6.0

Download GenyMotion 2.6.0
GenyMotion is another advanced Android Emulator for PC. It has advanced features like OpenGL, and hardware acceleration support. It's built on the x86 Architecture and hence it is faster.

With the Java API, you can develop and test your app under different scenarios by playing with your sensor values. Name the parameter and you’ve got it: GPS location, battery power, network strength, text or call interruptions.

Any of your virtual devices can be linked to an actual Android phone to shake things up, IRL, thanks to our Remote Control widget. Using our multi-touch feature you can give your phone screen a swipe and see, in real time, how your app reacts on your virtual device. You can even take a selfie on your virtual device. It doesn’t get more real than that.

With Genymotion, you can customize a virtual device and clone it to serve as your baseline for other iterations and tests. Or if you wanted, you could use the factory reset tool to reset your customized device to the way it was when you first loaded it. Genymotion gives you the freedom to experiment without consequences – at least on your virtual devices.

You can change your virtual device’s Android ID/IMEI/MEID values on the fly. Whether to test your installation tracking system or to categorize your devices, this is a nifty and practical tool to have in your toolbox.

Pixel Perfect guarantees that nothing is lost in translation when your app runs on a real device. Genymotion displays your app on your computer pixel for pixel so that there’s no need to worry about scaling your work from emulator to device.

The Gradle plugin for Genymotion allows you to create, launch and configure your virtual devices directly from your build.gradle file. Meanwhile, it also integrates perfectly with continuous integration servers like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and more, so you can automatically run the tests you’ve scripted on your virtual devices – day or night. The CI party doesn’t end until you want it to.

Minimum System Requirements for installing Genymotion 2.6.0:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)
  • 64 bit CPU, with VT-x or AMD-V capability, enabled in BIOS settings
  • Recent and dedicated GPU
  • 400 MB disk space
  • 2GB RAM

Download the Software (Genymotion 2.6.0):

File Name:
  • genymotion-2.6.0-vbox.exe 
  • genymotion-2.6.0.exe 
Software Name: Genymotion
Version: 2.6.0
Developer: Genymobile
File Size: 143MB (with Virtualbox) and 34.9MB without (Virtualbox)
Official Link:

Download GenyMotion 2.6.0 with Virtual Box

Download GenyMotion 2.6.0 without Virtual Box

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