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Chase Blogger contents via Label Feed

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Blogger is huge gallery as far as considered as people blog here and people watch out for contents. By using blogger there might user face some of the restriction, while these restriction also have solution too.

Developers can manage a site while it is small easily. But it is an difficult task when a huge amount of contents are live on their blog. It gets problem of indexing and making managing the site.

As far as managing, developers need to make some smart decision before making or choosing a template for their site. But we can do something more in indexing while it comes to Blogger.

You can now allow Google Webmasters to index your blog in categories through label feed system introduced by Blogger.

You can get feed by Following process:

  1. Enter your blogger address (or custom domain) -
  2. Add "feeds/ " after address of blog. -
  3. Add "posts/" after '/feeds/'. -
  4. Add "default/" after "/feeds/" -
  5. Add "-/" after "/default/" -
  6. Now add "Your Label" name: -

You can add "?alt=rss" to get RSS 2.0 Feed:

To get a feed for a specific label, change [label].

Atom 1.0:[label]

RSS 2.0:[label]?alt=rss

Thanks to this service, I am able to make a standalone homepage of blogger. I would like to thanks Blogger team for giving this feature.

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