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More than 75 percent request to server is now encrypted - Google

Google today's Transparency Report that focuses on the use of encryption on Google’s own sites and across the web says over 75 percent of requests to its own servers are now using encrypted connections (through traffic to YouTube is not included in this report).

More than 75 percent request to server is now encrypted

Across Google’s products, Gmail and Google Drive are leading the move to using HTTPS connections and both services now use it as their default.

Overall Encryption of Google Products reached 75 percent

Other products like Maps and Google’s advertising products have now also passed the 75 percent barrier, though Google News (60%) and Google Finance (58%) are still lagging behind.

Category wise Google Products Chart

The company says over 95 percent of the unencrypted traffic to its servers now comes from mobile devices. “Unfortunately, these devices may no longer be updated and may never support encryption,” the company notes, though it sadly doesn’t break out which devices and mobile operating systems are the worst offenders here.

Obstacles in obtaining complete HTTPS (Google Official):

Several technical and political challenges stand in the way of attaining full traffic encryption:

  • Older hardware and software that do not support modern encryption technologies.
  • Certain countries and organisations block or otherwise degrade HTTPS traffic
  • Some organisations do not have the desire or technical resources to implement HTTPS.
  • Certificate management can be challenging for products like Blogger, where a user's non-Google domain can be used


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