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Reload iFrame on Website, Blog or LiveScore Sites

Javascript is the soul of HTML and iFrame is one of the most important part of it. There are many of persons who searches for "How to reload iFrame on a Website or Blog". The answer is simple.

The following Javascript will help you to reload a specific iFrame content. There will be not need to reload the complete webpage.

Just add the following code on the same page as you want to reload the iFrame.

<script> window.setInterval("reloadIFrame();", 30000); function reloadIFrame() { document.getElementById("myiFrame").src="...source.html"; } </script>

You need to edit red coloured content place above. In the place of 30000 you can use your specific time, the default is 30 seconds. You need to specify the iFrameID in place of myiFrame and the source of content on the place of ...source.html.

The given Javascript helps in reloading iFrame of Website, Blog and LiveScore Sites. It does not going to reload the complete webpage.

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