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AdwCleaner 5.119

AdwCleaner is small security tool that helps in removing adware from the PC. It also helps in removing PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and Toolbar that installed automatically without informing users that might come in package of softwares.

It also prevent Hijacking of browser's homepage and changing it to another. It have search bar that helps in searching and removing items. It is compatible with Windows 10.
Download the Software (AdwCleaner 5.119): Filename: adwcleaner_5.119.exe
Software Name: AdwCleaner
Version: 5.119
Developer: ToolsLib
File Size: 1.47 MB
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Official Site:
Download AdwCleaner 5.118

LibreOffice 5.2.0 Beta 1

LibreOffice is one of the most powerful office tool that offers ease and clean interface. It have all the suite packages same as Microsoft Office like Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. It have released to make a competition with Microsoft Office.

It have new features for its spreadsheet module. It have new beautiful office designed by adding new icons, major improvements to menus and sidebar. It have a numbers of improvements to document's import and export filters for MS Office, PDF, RTF and other documents. Its documents are compatible with Microsoft's Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. But it also have an open standard, the OpenDocument Format (ODF).

It have more more functional with its extra extension that makes its tools even more powerful. As it is open source it is freely available without having any product key and activation problems.
Download the Software (LibreOffice 5.2.0 Beta 1): File Name:

VPN Gate Client Plug-in 9613.135609

VPN Gate Client Plug-in relies on SoftEther VPN client in order to conceal your IP address while you’re browsing online, thus facilitating access to services that are otherwise restricted in your area.

SoftEther VPN is a package that allows you to create a custom VPN topology, being constituted of a client-server technology. VPN Gate Client Plug-in is an add-in for the client side of SoftEther VPN that ensures online anonymity.

The plug-in comes wrapped up inside a package that also includes the SoftEther client, therefore you won’t be required to download it separately. Installation ends in a jiffy, allowing you to get acquainted with the program immediately.

The plug-in appears as a VPN connection inside the main window of SoftEther VPN; double-clicking it will open a new window where a list of VPN relay servers is displayed, allowing you to select the one you wish to connect to.

The list contains a variety of servers that are presented alongside IP address, region, uptime, line spe…

EditBone 11.2.0

EditBone is a powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting support for programming languages and scripts. It have over 100 options for customizing and over 100 ready made skins, unicode character map, numerical unit convert tool, SQL formatter, and support for multiple directories and search results.

Download the Software (EditBone 11.2.0): File Name: and
Software Name: EditBone
Version: 11.2.0
Developer: Lasse Rautiainen
File Size: 3.24 MB and 3.90 MB
Official Link:
Download EditBone 11.2.0 (32-bit)Download EditBone 11.2.0 (64-bit)

Porting Kit 2.1.39

Porting Kit aims to streamline the download and installation process of Windows games on your Mac computer. The utility makes use of the Wineskin engine and allows you to browse an online collection of both free and commercial games that can be deployed to your Mac.

Porting Kit helps you download, install, and organize Windows games on your Mac with the help of the Wineskin engine. The utility only helps you deal with the configuration process, including when dealing with commercial games (you need the installer).

In addition, in the Porting Kit Rankings panel you can view the latest added ports, the most popular games, and the ones that have the highest rating. You can also connect with other members of the community via the Porting Kit forums.
Download the Software (Porting Kit 2.1.39): File Name: Porting
Software Name: Porting Kit
Version: 2.1.39
Developer: Porting Kit Team
File Size: 5.7 MB
Official Link:
Download Porting Kit 2.1.39

Download Parrot Security OS 3.0.160524

Parrot Security OS is a cloud friendly operating system designed for Pentesting, Computer Forensic, Reverse engineering, Hacking, Cloud pentesting, privacy/anonymity and cryptography. Based on Debian and developed by Frozenbox network.

Parrot Requires:
CPU: at least 1Ghz dual core cpuARCH: 32bit, 64bit and ARMhfRAM: 256Mb - 512Mb suggestedGPU: No graphic acceleration requiredHDD Standard: 6Gb used - 8Gb suggestedHDD Full: 8Gb used - 16Gb suggestedBOOT: Legacy bios or UEFI (testing)
Download the Software (Parrot Security OS 3.0.160524): File Name: Parrot-full-3.0.160524RC_i386.iso and Parrot-full-3.0.160524RC_amd64.iso
Software Name: Parrot Security OS
Version: 3.0.160524
Developer: Frozenbox Network
File Size: 3.69 GB and 3.61 GB
Official Link:
Download Parrot Security OS 3.0.160524 (32-bit)Download Parrot Security OS 3.0.160524 (64-bit)

VueScan 9.5.50

VueScan is an alternative multi-operating system supportive software for scanner that provides better scan facility and provides a long and better hardware life.

VueScan is compatible with over 2900 different scanners on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The best way to see if your scanner works is to download VueScan (it only takes 60 seconds) You can also check this list of supported scanners.

VueScan can output scanned documents, photos, and film in PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats. It can also recognize text using OCR and create multi-page pdfs using both flatbed scanners and scanners with automatic document feeders.
Download the Software (VueScan 9.5.50): File Name: vuex3295.exe, vuex3295.dmg and vuex3295.tgz
Software Name: VueScan
Version: 9.5.50
Developer: Hamrick Software
File Size: 8.76 MB, 8.05 MB and 7.54 MB
Official Link:
Download VueScan 9.5.50 (Windows)Download VueScan 9.5.50 (Mac)Download VueScan 9.5.50 (Linux)

Download Linux Kernel 4.6

Linux Kernel is the essential part of any Linux operating system. It is responsible for resource allocation, low-level hardware interfaces, security, simple communications, basic file system management, and more. Written from scratch by Linus Torvalds (with help from various developers), Linux is a clone of the UNIX operating system. It is geared towards POSIX and Single UNIX Specification compliances.

Linux provides users with powerful features, such as true multitasking, multistack networking, shared copy-on-write executables, shared libraries, demand loading, virtual memory, and proper memory management.

Initially designed only for 386/486-based computers, now Linux supports a wide range of architectures, including 64-bit (IA64, AMD64), ARM, ARM64, DEC Alpha, MIPS, SUN Sparc, PowerPC, as well as Amiga and Atari machines.
Download the Software (Linux Kernel 4.6): File Name: linux-4.6.tar.xz
Software Name: Linux Kernel
Version: 4.6
Developer: Kernel.Org Organization, Inc.
File Size: …

Emu Loader 8.1.5

Emu Loader is an GUI based Emulator that supports MAME, Supermodel - Sega Model 3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICA, SEGA Model 2 and ZiNc. Emu Loader also support AlterMAME a second MAME.

Emu Loader supports MAME software games, consoles and computer games. Emu Loader supports MANy icons that can create some authentic and amazing icons for games. Emu Loader shows all the title, game, marquee, flyer, cabinet with control panel, control panel layout, PCB, in-game artwork.

Emu Loader also supports .PNG and .JPG images. Emu Loader 7.9 has advanced games filters with quick search bar. Emu Loader supports a minimum of 640 x 480 pixels of resolution. Emu Loader also supports older MAME builds games. Emu Loader supports several .dat files for MAME.

Emu Loader have inbuilt bad .zip file detector with the help of ZipForge library tool. It also supports .7Z MAME.
Download the Software (Emu Loader 8.1.5): File Name: el808-bin.rar
Software Name: Emu Loader
Version: 8.1.5
Developer: Mame World
File Si…

DiskCatalogMaker 6.5.9

DiskCatalogMaker is a straightforward Mac OS X application capable to quickly and easily catalog CDs, DVDs, hard disks and folders.
Features of DiskCatalogMaker:Super fast search algorithm.Opening multiple catalogs at once.Optimized cataloging engine for multi-core/multiprocessor systems.Trusted catalog database format for scalability and storage of huge data.Compressing catalog data for disk space.Zip, StuffIt, RAR, 7-Zip, tar, gzip, bzip2, Compact Pro and LHA archive formats support. *CD-TEXT format support.Cataloging a folder on a network volume.Shared catalog file access via AppleShare file server / AFP. *Long unicode name and Asian languages support.Localized for 13 languages. Download the Software (DiskCatalogMaker 6.5.9): File Name:
Software Name: DiskCatalogMaker
Version: 6.5.9
File Size: 6.79 MB
Official Link:
Download DiskCatalogMaker 6.5.9

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works

Authoring and editing personal videos can be a fun pastime and if you want to achieve professional-grade results, you should focus on a dedicated solution that offers a complete array of functions. Among the many packages that are created specifically for this purpose, you will surely come across TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works.

This is an interesting software solution that combines a wide variety of features to make sure you get everything you will need to make the videos look exactly as you wanted. The interface is very user friendly and quite pleasant to look at, so there should be no issues in getting to know TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works and operating it.

One of the most basic capabilities of this suite is the conversion of one or more files, which can be done with minimal efforts. Adding the videos to the processing queue inside your project can be done from more than one location or device. This is because optical discs, USB storage devices, camcorders or TS (Transport Stream) f…

My IP Hide 1.22 Build 160528

My IP Hide is a simple, clean and practical Mac OS X application that enables you to take advantage of the encrypted proxy service provided by the app.

Features of My IP Hide:Access any website at work or school bypassing the firewall of your company, school or country by encrypted traffic.Ultra fast and stable connections. Best for watching online videos.Hide your real IP address to protect your online privacy.Use My IP Hide to break the location restrictions of websites such as Youtube and BBC.One account can be used on multiple devices - Windows, Mac and Android. Download the Software (My IP Hide 1.22 Build 160528): File Name: MIH_setup.exe and MyIPHideMac.pkg
Software Name: My IP Hide
Version: 1.22
Build: 160528
Developer: Didsoft Ltd.
File Size: 5.03 MB and 5.78 MB
Official Link:
Download My IP Hide 1.22 Build 160528 (Windows)Download My IP Hide 1.22 Build 160528 (Mac)

Batch TIFF Resizer 3.24

Batch TIFF Resizer is a specialized batch TIFF and PDF conversion, extraction, merging and captioning tool which works with multi-pages documents such as the TIFF and PDF formats as well as JPEG, PNG, BMP and JPEG 2000 image formats.

Because of its multi-page support, it is increasingly use to store scanned documents such as architecture plans, contracts, invoices and the likes. This program is designed with these uses in mind.

Batch TIFF Resizer now comes in both native 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions. The 64 Bit version takes advantage of the higher memory addressing on the 64 Bit Windows Operating System and is speedier than ever.
Download the Software (Batch TIFF Resizer 3.24): File Name: btiffresizer.msi and btiffresizer64.msi
Software Name: Batch TIFF Resizer
Version: 3.24
Developer: iRedSoft Technology Inc.
File Size: 13.4 MB and 11.4 MB
Official Link:
Download Batch TIFF Resizer 3.24 (32-bit)Download Batch TIFF Resizer 3.24 (64-bit)

Pocket Radio Player 160529

Pocket Radio Player is compact online Internet Radio Player for Linux, Mac and Windows. Pocket Radio Player have a portable look that is better as far as a radio player skin need to be. Pocket Radio Player have station recorder, editor and updater. Pocket Radio Player provides quality audio via FMOD feature.
Pocket Radio Player does not need Frameworks and other software requirement. Pocket Radio Player is free and is non-supportive to ad.

Pocket Radio Player SC Edition have additional support for playing Channels like H42, Ignite Radio, K-TAM, The Base, Space Travel Radio, SC Radio, SC News Radio and UH Radio.
Download the Software (Pocket Radio Player 160529): File Name: Software Name: Pocket Radio Player Version: 160529 Developer: Stefan Sabrok File Size: 14.57 MB Official Link: Download Pocket Radio Player 160529 (From MediaFire - Official)

OkMap Desktop 13.0.6

OkMap is an interactive software which allows you to work on your computer screen with web maps or digital maps that you have either bought or scanned. OkMap can also import vectorial data from the most common formats and DEM data relevant to height information.

Through these maps, you can organize your paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. OkMap sets automatically altitude data and estimates travel times. Furthermore OkMap provides you also with autorouting and geocoding functions.

Data collected by your GPS can be downloaded on your computer, stored and displayed on the maps. They can also be used to create different types of statistics.

By connecting a GPS to your laptop, you can plot your position on maps in real-time. If you are connected to the network you can constantly send your position to a remote computer, or receive the position of your companions on your computer and display the related tracks on maps in…

Advanced ETL Processor

Advanced ETL Processor is a straightforward and effective application geared towards users who need extract data from any database, transform and validate it so they can save time in order to sort and duplicate data, generate XML files, save BLOBs into separate files and process e-mails.

Advanced ETL Processor is a powerful data integration application with support for integrating data with virtually any formats including Flat files, Excel, MS Access, DBF, FoxPro, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, MS Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, POP3 + SSL, IMAP4 + SSL, SMTP + SSL, SalesForce, BrightPearl, Windows Event Log, File System, XML, QVX and QVD files. Advanced ETL Processor is an ideal product for transforming data in any enterprise. All this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.
Download the Software (Advanced ETL Processor File Name: and
Software Name: Advanced ETL Processor
Developer: DB Sof…

SparkleShare 1.5.0

SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer. You can add remotely hosted folders (or "projects") to this folder. These projects will be automatically kept in sync with both the host and all of your peers when someone adds, removes or edits a file.

Features of SparkleShare:File synchronisationVersion controlSelf hostedClient side encryptionFree and Open Source Download the Software (SparkleShare 1.5.0): File Name: sparkleshare-windows-1.5.msi, and sparkleshare-linux-1.5.tar.gz
Software Name: SparkleShare
Version: 1.5.0
Developer: Hylke Bons
File Size: 6.80 MB
Official Link:
Download SparkleShare 1.5.0 (Windows)Download SparkleShare 1.5.0 (Mac)Download SparkleShare 1.5.0 (Linux)


InternetOff is a small free tool that allows you to quickly turn off\on your internet connection from the system tray. InternetOff allows you to quickly turn off the internet so that you can go offline.

When you need the connection, you can enable the internet easily for some period (and it will be automatically turned off) or permanently in just two clicks. Besides the program lets you password protect and schedule access to the internet.

Download the Software (InternetOff File Name: internetoffsetup_3-0-1.exe
Software Name: InternetOff
Developer: Crystal Rich Ltd.
File Size: 45.4 MB
Official Link:
Download InternetOff


GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. GeoGebra is a rapidly expanding community of millions of users located in just about every country.

GeoGebra has become the leading provider of dynamic mathematics software, supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and innovations in teaching and learning worldwide. Putting the world’s leading dynamic mathematics software and materials in the hands of students and teachers everywhere!

Features of GeoGebra:Graphics, algebra and tables are connected and fully dynamic Easy-to-use interface, yet many powerful features Authoring tool to create interactive learning materials as web pages Available in many languages for millions of users around the world Open source software freely available for non-commercial users  Download the Software (GeoGebra File Name: G…

EMCO Malware Destroyer

EMCO Malware Destroyer is a free personal antivirus with an ultra-speed scan engine. It helps you to organize personal malware protection and effectively find and destroy various threats.

Unique malware scan engine allows you to spend only 10 seconds for complete PC analysis of over 10,000 real threat definitions, including viruses, trojans, worms and other malware types. Up-to-date malware database includes virus information provided by leading virus labs and thousands of users.

EMCO Malware Destroyer is a free antivirus tool that helps you to organize personal antivirus protection of your PC and perform regular fast malware scans to detect and remove various threats. Main advantages of this solution are listed below.

Extremely fast malware scan. Only few seconds are required to perform complete PC scan to detect malware presence. Over 10,000 threats in database. Malware signatures database contains over ten thousand entries of real-world threats. Frequent signatures update. Malware …

Cyberfox 46.0.3 / 47.0b9 Beta

Cyberfox is a internet browser that is based on Mozilla Firefox. Cyberfox has removed some tracking features like telemetry, health-report, sponsored title and others from it after taking the project from Mozilla.

Cyberfox have two in-built themes named Australia and classic theme. Cyberfox is fully compatible with Firefox Extensions. Cyberfox needs Windows 7 or higher. Cyberfox is designed by 8pecxstudios.
Download the Software (Cyberfox 46.0.3): File Name: Cyberfox-46.0.3.en-US.win32.amd.exe and Cyberfox-46.0.3.en-US.win64-x86_64.amd.exe
Software Name: Cyberfox
Version: 46.0.3
Developer: 8pecxstudios
File Size: 45.4 MB
Official Link:
Download Cyberfox 46.0.3 (32-bit)Download Cyberfox 46.0.3 (64-bit)

Cool PDF Reader 3.16

Cool PDF Reader is world's smallest PDF reader developed by CoolPDF Software, Inc. Cool PDF Reader supports viewing, printing, extracting, cropping and converting PDF File into Notepad file, Image Files (.bmp, .jpg, .wmf, .gif, .eps and .png), .EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) and .TIFF (Tag Image File Format).

Cool PDF Reader supports Zoom-in, Zoom-out and Rotate the PDF File. As I told you earlier that cool PDF Reader is world's smallest PDF Reader of World it is just only of 3.50 Megabyte.

Cool PDF Reader supports all the PDF files version. Cool PDF Reader can show Slide Show of the PDF document with full screen. Cool PDF Reader supports the latest version of Windows i.e., Windows 10 with other older version like Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and the most previous version of Windows Windows 2000.

Cool PDF Reader also support on Windows Servers (2012, 2008, 2003, and 2000). Cool PDF Reader supports both 32-bit and 64-bit.
Download the Software (Cool PDF Reader 3…

Adobe Reader 11.0.10

Adobe Reader is one of the most popular cross-platform PDF Reader on the Globe which is developed by Adobe System. Adobe Reader helps in creating, editing, printing and managing files in PDF (Portable Document Format). Latest Adobe Reader is available in 27 language.

Adobe Reader have a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) which makes it using easier. The latest version of Adobe Reader have in-built Creating, Exporting, Sending and Store options.

As Adobe is cross-platform it is available for Windows, Android and Mac OS. Adobe Reader have provided advanced the technology of office suite in form of PDF.

Adobe Reader have an zoom-in and zoom-out buttons that helps Zooming and Viewing the PDF File on the PC. Adobe Reader have an Snapshot option in Edit menu that helps in taking snapshot of the PDF File. Adobe Reader have an option that expands the PDF File to Full Screen mode.

Adobe Reader latest version contains Adobe Online services which helps in converting PDF to Word File or Excel F…

Apache PDFBox 2.0.1

Apache PDFBox is an open source pure-Java library that can be used to create, render, print, split, merge, alter, verify and extract text and metadata of PDF files.

Ohloh reports almost 2,000 commits (since the start as an Apache project) by 17 contributors representing more than 100,000 lines of code. PDFBox has a well established, mature codebase maintained by a large development team with increasing Y-O-Y commits.

Using the COCOMO model, it took an estimated 30 person-years of effort.
Download the Software (Apache PDFBox 2.0.1): File Name: pdfbox-app-2.0.1.jar
Software Name: Apache PDFBox
Version: 2.0.1
Developer: The Apache Software Foundation
File Size: 7.59 MB
Official Link:
Download Apache PDFBox 2.0.1

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader developed by Nitro used to create, edit, sign, and secure Portable Document Format (PDF) files and digital documents.

The Nitro ecosystem consists of Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud, Nitro Reader, and a suite of free document conversion sites.

Nitro’s product family is intended for the professional market and although its desktop products are Windows-only, Nitro Cloud is compatible with any web browser on any machine. The Nitro PDF Reader is freeware for both personal and professional use.
Download the Software (Nitro PDF Reader File Name: nitro_reader5.exe and nitro_reader5_64.exe
Software Name: Nitro PDF Reader
Developer: Nitro Software
File Size: 39.1 MB and 54.3 MB
Official Link:
Download Nitro PDF (32-bit)Download Nitro PDF (64-bit)

PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.317

PDF-XChange Viewer is one of the best free PDF reader which helps in viewing and editing PDF documents. PDF-XChange Viewer have a good attractive and intuitive user interface.

PDF-XChange Viewer includes OCR option. PDF-XChange Viewer can add and apply custom stamps. PDF-XChange Viewer includes measurement tools, mark-up pages and type directly. PDF-XChange Viewer have simple user interface. PDF-XChange Viewer have book-type navigation.

Download the Software (PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.317): File Name: PDFXVwer.exe Software Name: PDF-XChange Viewer Version: 2.5.317 Developer: Tracker Software File Size: 17.1 MB Official Link: Download PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.315.0

IceCream Split and Merge 3.28

IceCream Split & Merge is a free Windows OS software from IceCream Apps. This application offers multiple array modes that enables users to split and merge Portable Document Format (PDF) documents, including password protected and encrypted files. The options available are splitting PDFs per specific page range and group, and removing specific pages. The tool also splits single pages that can be stored as individual files.

IceCream Split & Merge also supports a Drag & Drop feature along with a “file preview” option. A user can save the output file to one of three locations: the original location, a sub folder, or a desired folder location.

Features of IceCream Split & Merge: Splits PDFs into individual documents.Saves documents per specific page range.Merges and splits PDFs (including encrypted and password protected files). Supports file sequence reset while processing.No restrictions on the number of PDFs that can be merged/split.Preview feature to view PDFs.Drag &a…

MuPDF Reader 1.9a

MuPDF is a Free and open source software library written in C that implements a PDF and XPS parsing and rendering engine. It is used primarily to render pages into bitmaps, but also provides support for other operations such as searching and listing the table of contents and hyperlinks.

The focus of MuPDF is on speed, small code size, and high quality anti-aliased rendering. Since the 1.2 release of MuPDF there is optional support for interactive features such as form filling, JavaScript and transitions.

The library ships with a rudimentary X11 and Windows viewer, and a set of command line tools for batch rendering (pdfdraw), examining the file structure (pdfshow), and rewriting files (pdfclean).

A number of free software applications use MuPDF to render PDF documents, the most notable being Sumatra PDF. It is also available as a package for Debian, Fedora, Archlinux, FreeBSD Ports, and OpenBSD Ports.

Independent parties have ported the library to many platforms, including the Amazon …

PDFCreator 2.3.0

PDF Creator is multi-lingual, free and open source PDF converter tool. It can convert documents into PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF and more other formats. It helps in merging multiple documents into a single file. It can compress and resize image that helps in reducing size of files.

PDF Creator encrypts PDF documents with AES protection and also give option to save them from unauthorized access by adding password to the document. It have options to create digital signatures on the documents. It comes COM interface that helps in controlling it from users app. It supports Windows XP Service Pack 3 and higher.
Download the Software (PDFCreator 2.3.0): File Name: PDFCreator-2_3_0-setup.exe
Software Name: PDFCreator
Version: 2.3.0
File Size: 25.7 MB
Official Link:
Download PDFCreator 2.3.0

Icecream PDF Converter 2.48

Icecream PDF Converter, software that lets you convert to and from PDF format. While converting DOC to PDF, EPUB to PDF, JPG to PDF and more, you can merge all files in one PDF document, as well as use various output file settings.

You can convert PDF to JPG, BMP, EPS and other formats without any page or number of files limits. Our PDF Converter has a built-in PDF reader and supports password-protected files.
Conversions by Icecream PDF Converter:DOC to PDF, DOCX to PDF, ODT to PDF XLS to PDF, XLSX to PDF, ODS to PDF HTML to PDF, HTM to PDF TIFF to PDF JPG to PDF, BMP to PDF PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF EPUB to PDF, MOBI to PDF, FB2 to PDF PDF to JPG, PDF to BMP Convert PDF document to photos (split pages) PDF to DOC, PDF to ODT PDF to TIFF PDF to PNG, PDF to GIF PDF to EPS, PDF to WMF PDF to HTML Download the Software (Icecream PDF Converter 2.48): File Name: pdf_converter_setup.exe
Software Name: PDF Converter
Version: 2.48
Developer: Icecream
File Size: 128 MB
Official Link: http://i…

Doro PDF Writer 2.07

Doro PDF Writer is tool that helps in creating PDF files from your documents like Word and XLS. Not only does you can print to PDF in print but also including colored pictures. You can encrypt the PDF file with a 128 bit password which can also allow "copy and paste" and printing commands.
Features of Doro PDF Write:Create PDF files from any application Start any program that can print like MS-Word Create your document, also colored pictures can be included Print to the 'Doro PDF Writer' printer Click 'Create' to create a colored PDF file in the Doro window Encrypt the PDF file with 128-bit password protection. Also 'copy and paste' and printing can be prevented.  Download the Software (Doro PDF Writer 2.07): File Name:
Software Name: Doro PDF Writer
Version: 2.07
Developer: SZ
File Size: 16.3MB
Official Link:
Download Doro PDF Writer 2.07

SepPDF 2.83

SepPDF is an tiny PDF Reader tool that allows reading of PDF files. It supports drag and drop. You can split PDF file containing multiple pages into individualized single PDF file. This PDF tool is just of 173KB in size and does not possess much of GPU.

SepPDF supports from the older OS Windows 95 to the newest Windows 10.
Download the Software (SepPDF 2.83): File Name: spdf279
Software Name: SepPDF
Version: 2.83
Developer: ForestH
File Size: 173KB
Official Link:
Download SepPDF 2.83

FontViewOK 4.33

FontViewOK creates an extremely easy to use visual overview of all installed fonts. FontViewOK is a problem based program which provides a good view to watch out and find your needy fonts. FontViewOK is simple and does not need any technical hand in operating it.

Features of FontViewOK:Quick overview of all fontsPrinting with print preview functionChangeable font size, style and color Download the Software (BetterJPEG File Name:
Software Name: FontViewOK
Version: 4.33
Developer: SoftwareOK
File Size: 78.2 KB
Official Link:
Download FontViewOK 4.33

Simple DNS Plus 6.0.111

Simple DNS Plus is a full featured DNS server that translates domain names into machine readable IP-addresses needed to locate the requested resources on the Internet.

With Simple DNS Plus you can hosts your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server locally. The program is also a DHCP server, it comes with a DNS lookup tool, and many other features.
Download the Software (BetterJPEG File Name: sdns-6-0-111-setup.exe
Software Name: Simple DNS Plus
Version: 6.0.111
Developer: JH Software
File Size: 6.80 MB
Official Link:
Download Simple DNS Plus 6.0.111


BetterJPEG is a photo editor that is specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving photos. Usually every time, you open, edit and save a JPG file, it loses some quality due to re-compression of the file.

BetterJPEG only re-compresses the parts of the image that have been changed, allowing you to perform various operations with minimal or no quality loss at all.
The features include lossless rotation, flip, crop (free or fixed aspect), lossless text insertion as well as red eye removal and more.

The program also offers support for EXIF data as text insertion, which allows you to enter information directly from the EXIF data into the image (e.g F-stop, date, exposure etc.) which can be used for reference or in combination with copyright notices.
Download the Software (BetterJPEG File Name: betterjpeg3.exe
Software Name: BetterJPEG
Developer: BetterJPEG Team
File Size: 6.4 MB
Official Link:
Download Better…

DropIt 8.2

DropIt is a tiny, flexible, hard-working tool to automate sorting and filing data-files and folders. Portable version is also available. When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

You can configure DropIt to do 8 different actions to your files and folders (Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Open With, Delete and Exclude), filtering files by name, extension, location, size and/or date. You can even save sets of patterns in profiles and associate a profile to each desired folder, to scan monitored folders at a defined time interval.

Drop a group of assorted files and/or folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, eventually compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or does other defined actions. You should go do something enjoyable with the time you saved.

DropIt Features:Process files and folders manually with Drag-and…

Microsoft OneDrive 17.3.6390.0509

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is the one place for everything in your life. Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more. When you upload photos or videos from your mobile device or computer to OneDrive, you can get to them when you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. With OneDrive you can easily get to, manage, and share files anywhere you are.
Features of OneDrive: Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more — anywhere, on any device, free. Plus, get 15 GB when you sign up.

Keep your favorite photos and videos safe, even if something happens to your device. Earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you activate camera roll backup to save photos automatically. It's easy to view them anytime, on any device. Refer a friend to OneDrive and both of you will receive +500 MB. Refer up to 10 friends for a maximum of 5 GB.

OneDrive works with Office, so it's easy to create, edit, and share your documents. Save your docs to OneDrive and access them on any dev…

CDRoller 10.40.30

CDRoller is a data recovery software that helps in recovering data from CD, DVD, BD, Hard Disk Drive and Flash Drive. It can also retrieve data from Blu-ray discs. It converts .VOB and .VRO video data into MPEG files without loss of quality. It examines images of all popular formats like JPG, GIF and PNG. It supports all popular digital camera raw formats like Canon and Kodak.

CDRoller finds and retrieves lost data from Hard Disk Drive, Solid-State Drives, Floppy Disks and other devices. It supports burning feature like erasing and writing data to disks. It uses external hex editor for detailed analysis of disc data. It provides direct access to the hardware i.e., Disk Drives. It can extract ISO image files and also can burn it into new disc.

It needs minimum of Windows 2000 with 256 MB of RAm and 12 MB of free Hard Disk space and A Disk Drive.
Download the software (CDRoller 10.40.30): File Name: CDRoller10_en.exe
Software Name: CDRoller
Version: 10.21.70
File Size: 9.60 MB


SugarSync provides a cloud storage service, which is both versatile and offers affordable plans. The SugarSync app has features and functions that are similar to apps like Dropbox.

The app provides all of the options and features you are going to need to backup all your files and restore them. You can upload numerous files types including music, video and .exe files, but there are a few exceptions (Outlook .pst, Microsoft Money, shortcuts, Microsoft Office .tmp, database files, program directories).

Features of SugarSync:
Online collaboration via folder sharing. File security provided by 'read-only' access. Public links: provide one-time download access to your files (No SugarSync account required). Remote editing capability. Mobile device support. Microsoft Outlook compatibility: SugarSync links files and tracks downloads via Exchange Server. Admin dashboard: Access control, storage space limits and activity log configuration. 
The app lets you backup single files or folders.…

Chromium 53.0.2752.0 Build 396644

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web.

One notable feature of Chromium is its speed. This open-source web browser features faster loading time than typical browsers; thus, providing users with a more pleasant web-browsing experience.

However, Chromium isn't too far off the application that was thrown in the battle against Firefox and Internet Explorer. Chromium is actually a lighter Chrome that provides almost the same performance and functionality as Google's tool.

The interface is identical to Chrome's and in addition, it has the exact options as its more popular sibling, as well as extension and theme support. While the asymmetries between the two browsers are not that many, the ones that do apply make quite a difference.

Unlike Chromium, Chrome also comes with an integrated flash player, the company's auto update function that's being used in many download…

DeskTask 1.6 SR1

DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar appointments and task items on the desktop. The information is integrated with your desktop wallpaper and automatically updates itself to display the latest information.

Features of DeskTask:Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to OutlookTo see what are the items due for today or tomorrow you just need to reveal your desktop.DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to organize your work. (DeskTask can display up to 3 months of upcoming appointments!) A wide range of display options including what tasks to include, filter by category and a lot more.Clicking on an item can optionally open it in OutlookDeskTask supports all modern Windows editions and all Office versions since Office 97!Besides the calendar items, the Outlook to-do list (Folder Tasks) can also be displayed. If you work with Outlook, DeskTask is for you Download the Software (DeskTask 1.6 SR1): File Name…


Spotify is a music player have good GUI. There are tons of music tracks available on Spotify. Spotify is compatible with Phone, Tab, Computer and other major devices.

Spotify gives option for browsing throughout its music collection and play it online. Spotify also feature downloading music and listening offline of these music later. Spotify provides advertisement free music without any limits.

Spotify is a great way to listen to music. Any track you like, any time you like. Just search for it in Spotify, then play it. Just search for it, then play it.

Any artist, any album, any genre - all available instantly. There are no limits to the amount of music you could listen to. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it. All the music, all the time Think of it as your new music collection.

Only this time your collection is vast: over 13 million tracks and counting. You can create as many playlists as you like from this collection - just drag and drop the tracks you wan…

DVDFab &

DVDFab All-In-One is a versatile combo with nearly all the current DVDFab products in it: DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, DVD to Blu-ray Converter, Cinavia Removal HD, DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, Video Converter, and File Transfer.

This all-in-one package is never a simple version of just some products bundled up with a few functionalities picked out. Instead, it is definitely a perfect integration of all DVDFab products with all full features.

You can use DVD options in DVDFab All-In-One to tackle all your DVD copy/ripping needs. "DVD Copy" option can help you freely copy/clone/burn any DVD to any blank DVD disc or to the hard drive on your PC for display or backup. And "DVD Ripper" can rip and convert DVD to almost all popular video/audio formats, also with no DVD protection limit.

DVDFab All-In-One can solve all your Blu-ray issues with its Blu-ray options: "Blu-ray Copy", "Blu-ray Ripper", and …

43 percent geeks don't know "What is ransomware?"

A new report shows that 43 percent of consumers in the US and Canada don't know what ransomware is. A similar number (44 percent) say they don’t know what data or information could be stolen in a ransomware attack.

The study by Kaspersky Lab surveyed 4,000 US and 1,000 Canadian consumers aged over 16 and found that only 16 percent mentioned ransomware as a cyber threat they were worried about, compared to their concerns about viruses, spyware and Trojans.

Even among the supposedly tech-savvy millennial generation only 13 percent said they were worried about ransomware in general. Also, many respondents wouldn’t know what to do if a ransom attack occurred. The survey finds that 15 percent of Americans and 17 percent of Canadians think unplugging the computer or turning off the mobile device could stop it, with a small amount even believing negotiating with the attacker is the best way to stop the attack. The percentage of those who would not know what steps to take in a ransomware…

Ares Galaxy 2.4.1

Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent file-sharing program that lets you quickly publish and share digital files including music, videos, photos, games, software, etc. Members of the Ares social network can join or host chat rooms, creating a worldwide file-sharing hub.
Because Ares Galaxy supports BitTorrent, you can preview the contents of files before you download them. You can also surf the Web directly within the program. And Ares’ completes jobs in a timely manner while keeping CPU and memory usage to a minimum. It also allows you to download files from multiple sources, which enhances transfer time. 
Ares has "Hashlinks" functionality, it is able to search for peers with files pertaining to a hash and download from them. Ares also uses hashlinks for its Windows Live Messenger style chat rooms and its direct chat tool.
Features of Ares Galaxy:Ares allows you to search for all types of media files such as audio, video, games, software, and photos.Ares automatic…


Slimjet is browser that is being dedicated to User privacy, gets less crashes and provide secure browsing. It does not send any usage data to officials. It have new and advanced anti-tracking tech . It provides faster browser startup, faster page loading. It uses Blink Engine that make it more responsive User Interface.

It have power and more flexible options that helps in getting more features without adding external plugins. It gives protection against phishing and malware. It provides advanced privacy control options and robust sandboxed multi-process architecture.

It have inbuilt Ad-blocker, Hi-Speed Download Manager that can increase the speed of downloading. It have YouTube Video Downloader inbuilt that helps in saving YouTube videos in various resolution and format. It also have translate option that can translate the whole or selected text into any languages.

It also have an fast uploading speed with Photo enhancement tech. It have social network integration that is being not …

Print My Fonts 24.05.2016

Print My Fonts gets all the fonts on the computer and organize it to list as well as arbitrary fonts. It gives option of writing any single character or a word or complete sentence, which shows comparison of different fonts.

User can save the comparison into PDF, DOC/DOCX, BMP, JPG and GIF formats. It have Unicode support that helps in output of fonts that viewed. It supports TrueType Font (.ttf), OpenType Font (.otf), Generic Font File (.fon), Windows Font File (.fnt), Multiple Master Font Metrics (.mmm), Printer Font Binary File (.pfb) and Printer Font Metrics File (.pfm).
Download the Software (Print My Fonts 24.05.2016): File Name:
Software Name: Print My Fonts
Version: 24.05.2016
Developer: Stefan Trost
File Size: Unknown
Official Link:
Print My Fonts 02.11.2015

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is developed by a Russian Search Engine named Yandex for providing secure browsing. Yandex Browser provides facility of choosing favorite search engine for the browser. It provides a transparent GUI, users can watch over desktop while surfing on the Internet.

Yandex Browser does not collect statistics how a user is being treating with the browser while surfing. It also provide a Stealth mode that disable the websites to collect statistics of user.

Yandex Browser can translate both individual words and entire web pages to and from English, French, German, Ukrainian, Turkish and a number of other languages. It have inbuilt Document viewer that helps in viewing documents found on the Internet — they open in a separate tab.

Yandex Browser supports the main Office formats such as text files and presentations as well as e-books. It sync the data between user's Hand-held devices and the PC or Mac. Yandex Browser uses Kaspersky to scan the files before downloading them fro…