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Understanding Google's Friend GoogleBot - The Big Fat Lady

Hey!!, Are the one of the feeling of victim Google that he is not putting you on the top of the floor while you are eligible to it. So, there are the following stuffs you must know to get some higher ranking on the Google and other related search engines.

Content is King:

So, Keep your content original and in a great order. Not only the keywords, but also keep content for your visitor in fashion way that they like or be curious about your site. If you are contently copies other site data then you must get penalized for it by Google.

Writing content is the big factor as far a On-Page SEO is concern, if you don't have a stock in your store, people get back to another store for looking of stock just like Google and your real visitors do when they not find some unique content.

Google's Friend is a Big Fat Lady, we call it GoogleBot:

If you want to get some better ranking on the Giant Search Engine, you must have to impress the hungry GoogleBot who is bored for the web nians copied content and searching of some unique disk for chewing and making some better and different taste on his tongue.

So, impressing can't be done by copying your favorite or rival website contents. But by doing homework yourself. You can even hire professional writers for your blog or website who love to write for you by taking some money.

On-Page SEO:

As I have mentioned about it before that On-Page SEO is more important. You have to provide some magazine type feel to Search Engines. Your Website must not be filled with Headings, Only Keywords, and Images but must be used in a way to make it useful for the user.

  • There must be one or two H1 Heading tag available on every page
  • There must be two to three H2 Heading tag available on every page
  • H3 and H4 Heading tags are also recommend in on-Page SEO

Geek elaborate in Good way, there must be less Spelling mistakes in the content

A visitor or Search Engine always notice but you don't. That are spelling mistake in the content provided, makes some poor view on you and your site. Spelling Mistakes are always not considered by the persons who invested a lot of money on the web like MajorGeek which is an software downloading website.

For removing Spelling mistake, you must use Chrome and allow Google to provide suggestion of the words you type on the Browser. Other paid and free service also provides grammar and word mistakes.

Link Building:

Link Building is good but webster must not use Paid links that are less important and valued by Search Engines then the real and non-paid link does. Link Building is not based on you, if you will provide some special and unique content people will like your content and link to you for reference and that link will help your more.

From the day we started finding about SEO and try to make our site perfect for SEO, link building is the big challenge and people found it that it is must need to invest money on it.

Outbound Link:

There are many people around the web, who discuss about the outbound link that a nofollow rel link will reduce your ranking but according to my view WWW ians must share information and link to each other for other details that they need on their own site. That's the way Google and other search engines found better contents and a post having reference rank higher then the other which only have some contents.

In-Bound Link:

A site must have more inbounded with links that provides better Search ranking. You can find the in-bound links in Google Webmaster and increase or decrease on your own way. You must remember that, the more inbound links the better SEO and more page views from users when they find some useful information link.

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