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How to Stop Windows 10 Update by Stopping Services

Windows 10 is absolutely the finest edition of Windows Series that is flexible too. Windows 10 have some unique features like Corona, Microsoft Edge Browser, Automatic Updating and some awesome changes in User Interface.

By the way, Automatic Updating is a good feature that helps in automatic updating the features and security but a headache for  poor Internet User. So, we have find out the way to stop the updating of Windows 10 Updates easily.

[Note: If you stop Windows Updating Feature, Windows Store will not work at all.]

Now Prepare up for disabling Windows from updating using an old but effective method. You need to follow the given instruction below:

Let the Computer Open completely but do not run any app.Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together to open some emergency tools.Click on "Task Manager" in the given list.Jump to ServicesRight Click on any of the ServiceClick on "Open Services"Type "Windows Update" in the servicesRight Click on it and open &quo…