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How to Fix Battery Drainage and Hard Disk Problem

Windows 10 and battery problem is not hidden from Cyber world not more, people taking back to previous or other options of OS. Windows 7 is the best alternative for Windows 10 users who are suffering problems in their PCs.

Like other peoples, I have also suffered from Windows' well known bug in my two different computers. One of them is Laptop of Dell struggled with Battery drainage and the other PC (desktop) have suffered from Hard Disk problems (on only installing Windows 10).

The only way (as suggested on Cybermedia) to come out of these problems is to update your Windows 10 to Anniversary Update provided free from Microsoft. This update have included bugs' cure and some other better features that will improve your Computer usages and handling.

But there is another option which I have followed and it gives me magical effect on the problem of Drainage. I have firstly changed my drained/poor/old original Dell batteries to Hako Laptop Battery which is an alternate battery option for International Designed Laptops. And then updated to Anniversary version of Windows 10, and it magically removed bug/problem of Windows 10.

The other option is installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology (choose .exe file from the list) that will boost the Hard Disk Speed and provide better tech to utilize it.

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