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World Record - Largest, Longest, Highest, Deepest and Tallest

Records are vital important in life. That's why human being keep records of some smallest, largest, longest, highest, deepest, tallest, shortest, fastest and many more. Following are the some records from all around the world based on their own category. These small knowledge can boost your GK and helps in SSC 10+2, SI, SSC Graduate Level, Banks Exams, UPSC, UPSSSC and other one-dayer examinations. It is also useful to 3rd-4th standard children upto 12th class. Let's read and learn about the world "most" person, thing or others.

  1. Highest Airport in the World - Lhasa Air­port, Tibet
  2. Biggest Animal on the Earth - Blue Bottom Whale
  3. Fastest Animal - Cheetah
  4. Tallest Animal  - Giraffe
  5. Largest Archipelago (an extensive group of islands) -  Indonesia
  6. Largest Bay (World) - Hudson Bay, Canada,
  7. Largest Bird - Ostrich
  8. Smallest Bird - Hummingbird
  9. Fastest Bird - Swift
  10. Longest Bridge - the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Japan
  11. Tallest Building - Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan - 2004, 101 stories, 509 m or 1,670ft
  12. Tallest Building in the World - Burj, Dubai (UAE)
  13. Longest Canal - Baltic sea White Canal
  14. Longest Canal - Suez Canal
  15. Longest Irrigational Canal - The Kalakumsky Canal
  16. Highest Capital - La Paz (Bolivia)
  17. Largest Cathedral - Cathedral Church of New York
  18. Largest Cemetery - Leningrad, Russia
  19. Largest Church - Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican City, Rome.
  20. Biggest Cinema House - Roxy, New York
  21. Biggest City in Area- Mount Isa Australia
  22. Costliest City - Tokyo
  23. Highest City - Wen Chuan, China
  24. Highest City - Van Chuan (China)
  25. Largest Continent - Asia
  26. Smallest Continent - Australia
  27. Longest  Corridor - Rameshwaram Temple (India)
  28. Largest Country - Russia
  29. Largest Country (Electorate)- India
  30. Smallest Country - Vatican City
  31. Largest Creature on the Earth- Blue Whale
  32. Highest Dam - Hoover Dam (U.S.A.)
  33. Largest Dams - Grand Coulee Dam, USA
  34. Longest Day - June 21
  35. Shortest  Day - December 22
  36. Largest Delta - Sunderbans
  37. Largest Democracy - India
  38. Largest Desert - Sahara, Africa
  39. Largest (Asia) Desert - Gobi
  40. Largest Diamond - The Cullinan
  41. Fastest  Dog - Persian greyhound
  42. Biggest Dome - Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur), India
  43. Largest Dome - Astrodome, in Houston (U.S.A.)
  44. Largest Epic - Mahabharat
  45. Longest  Epic - Mahabharata
  46. Biggest Flower - Rafflesia (Java)
  47. Tallest Fountain - Fountain Hills, Arizona
  48. Largest Gulf - Gulf of Mexico
  49. Largest Hotel- Hotel Rossiya, Moscow
  50. Largest Island - Greenland
  51. Deepest Lake - Baikal (Siberia)
  52. Deepest Lake -Baikal (Siberia)
  53. Highest Lake - Titicaca (Bolivia)
  54. Highest Lake - Titicaca (Bolivia)
  55. Largest Lake - Caspian Sea, CIS Iran
  56. Largest (Artificial) Lake - Lake Mead (Boulder Dam)
  57. Largest (Freshwater) Lake - Superior
  58. Biggest Library - National Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of the Congress, Washington
  59. Largest Library - United State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
  60. Lightest Gas - Hydrogen
  61. Lightest Metal - Lithium
  62. Minaret Sultan Has, Largest -san Mosque (Egypt)
  63. Tallest Minaret - Qutub Minar, Delhi (India)
  64. Largest Mosque - Jama Masjid, Delhi (India)
  65. Mountain Peak Mount, Highest - Everest (Nepal)
  66. Highest Mountain Range - Himalayas
  67. Longest Mountain - Andes (South America)
  68. Biggest  Museum - British Museum (London)
  69. Biggest  Oceans - Pacific Ocean
  70. Deepest  Oceans - Pacific Ocean
  71. Biggest  Palace - Vatican (Rome)
  72. Largest  Palace - Imperial Palace (China)
  73. Biggest  Park - Yellowstone Na­tional Park
  74. Largest  Park - Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)
  75. Largest Peninsula - Arabia
  76. Coldest Place (Habitat)- Verkhoyansk (Siberia)
  77. Dryest Place - Iquique (In Atacama Desert, Chile)
  78. Hottest  Place - Al-Azizia (Libya)
  79. Rainiest  Place - Mawsynram, near Cherrapunji (India)
  80. Biggest Planet - Jupiter
  81. Brightest Planet - Venus
  82. Coldest Planet - Pluto
  83. Farthest Planet (from the Sun) - Pluto
  84. Nearest Planet (To the Sun) - Mercury
  85. Smallest Planet - Mercury
  86. Highest Plateau - Pamir (Tibet)
  87. Largest Platform - Grand Central Terminal, (Ely. Sta­tion) New York (USA)
  88. Longest Platform - Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh (India)
  89. Longest Railway Bridge - Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway Guinness
  90. Longest Railway - Trans-Siberian railway
  91. Longest River Dam - Hirakud Dam, India
  92. Largest River - Amazon (S. America)
  93. Longest  River - Nile, Africa
  94. Highest Road - Leh-Nubra, Ladakh division India.
  95. Largest Sea - Mediterranean sea
  96. Largest Sea - South China Sea
  97. Largest Sea-bird - Albatross
  98. Largest Stadium - Strahov Stadium, Prague (Czech Republic)
  99. Brightest Star - Sirius A
  100. Tallest Statue - 502 ft. Spring Temple Buddha (China), upcoming Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 'Statue of Unity' (597 ft.)
  101. Biggest Telescope - Mt. Palomar (USA)
  102. Largest Temple - Angkorwat in Kampuchea
  103. Oldest Theatre - Teatro Olimpico (Italy)
  104. Tallest Tower - C. N. Tower, Toronto (Canada)
  105. Longest Train Flying - Scotsman
  106. Longest (Railway) Tunnel - Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) [57 km (35.4 mi)]
  107. Longest (Road) Tunnel - Lærdal Tunnel (connecting Lærdal and Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane)
  108. Highest Village - Andean (Chile)
  109. Highest Volcano - Ojos del Salado, (Argentina) Chile
  110. Largest Volcano - Mauna Loa (Hawai)
  111. Longest Wall - Great Wall of China
  112. Lowest Water Level - Dead Sea
  113. Highest Waterfall - Angel (Venezuela)
  114. Widest Waterfall - Khone Falls (Laos)
  115. Largest Zoo - Kruger National Park, South Africa
  116. Highest Lake - Titicaca , Bolivia
  117. Highest Mountain Peak - Everest. Nepal
  118. Highest Volcano - Ojos del Salado, Andes, Ecuador
  119. Highest Waterfall - Angel Falls, Venezuela
  120. Highest Capital - La Paz , Bolivia
  121. Highest City - La Rinconada, Peru
  122. Highest Airport - Lhasa Airport, Tibet
  123. Hottest inhabited Place - Dallol, Ethiopia
  124. Largest Archipelago - Indonesia
  125. Largest Continent - Asia
  126. Largest Country by Population - China
  127. Largest Country by Size - Russia
  128. Largest Bird - Ostrich
  129. Largest City in population - Tokyo
  130. Largest Creature - Blue Whale
  131. Largest Delta - Sunderban, Bangladesh & India
  132. Largest Desert - Sahara, Africa
  133. Largest Dam - Three Gorges, China
  134. Largest Diamond - Cullinan Diamond
  135. Largest Dome - Cowboys Stadium, Texas, USA
  136. Largest Epic - Mahabharata
  137. Largest Island - Greenland
  138. Largest Sea - South China Sea
  139. Largest Artificial Lake by Surface Area - Lake Volta, Ghana
  140. Largest Artificial Lake by Surface Volume - Lake Kariba,
  141. Zimbabwe and Zambia
  142. Largest Fresh Water Lake - Superior Lake
  143. Largest Salt Water Lake - Caspian Lake
  144. Largest Library - United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
  145. Largest Museum - The Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  146. Largest Ocean - Pacific Ocean
  147. Largest National Park - NorthEast Greenland National Park
  148. Largest Single-Aperture Radio Telescope - Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
  149. Largest Zoo by species - Berlin Zoological Garden
  150. Largest Zoo by area - Red McCombs Wildlife, Texas, USA
  151. Largest Peninsula - Arabia
  152. Largest Railway Station - Grand Central Terminal, Chicago (U.S.A. )
  153. Largest River - Amazon, South America
  154. Largest Sea - bird - Albatross
  155. Largest Fountain - Suntec city fountain of Wealth, Singapore
  156. Largest Sewage Tunnel - The Chicago Tunnel, USA
  157. Largest Inhabited Castle - Windsor Castle, UK
  158. Largest Orthodox Cathedral - The Cathedral Church of Christ, Russia
  159. Largest Pyramid - Quetzalcoatl Pyramid
  160. Largest Drainage Basin - The Amazon Basin
  161. Largest Cave Passage - Son Doong cave, Vietnam
  162. Largest Glacier - Lambert Glacier
  163. Largest Swamp - The Pantanal Swamp, Brazil
  164. Largest River Island - Majuli, India, Assam
  165. Largest Airport Terminal - Beijing Capital International Airport, China
  166. Largest Bay - Hudson Bay, Canada
  167. Largest Cemetery - Ohlsdorf Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany
  168. Largest Church - St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Rome
  169. Largest Lagoon - Grand Lagon Sud, New Caledonia
  170. Largest Mosque - Imam Reza Shrine, Iran
  171. Largest Convention Center - World Market Center, Las Vegas, USA
  172. Largest Gulf - Gulf of Mexico
  173. Largest Hotel - The Venetian & The Palazzo, Las Vegas, USA
  174. Largest Stadium - Strahov Stadium, Prague
  175. Largest Bus Fleet - Andra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation,India
  176. Largest Medical Center - Texas Medical Center, USA
  177. Largest Irrigation Canal - All-American Canal
  178. Largest Container Ship - CMA CGM Marco Polo
  179. Longest Railway Bridge - Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, China
  180. Longest Irrigation Canal - Karakum Canal
  181. Longest Canal - The Grand Canal, China
  182. Longest Mountain Range - Andes, South America
  183. Longest Platform - Gorakhpur, India
  184. Longest Railway - Trans - Siberian railway
  185. Longest Railway Tunnel - Seikan Tunnel, Japan
  186. Longest Road Tunnel - Laedal Tunnel, Norway
  187. Most Active Volcano - Maunaloa,Hawaii, U.S.A
  188. Rainiest Place - Mausinram, Meghalaya, India
  189. Smallest Bird - Humming Bird
  190. Smallest Continent by Area - Australia
  191. Smallest Country by Area - Vatican City
  192. Smallest Country by Population - Vatican City
  193. Tallest Animal - Giraffe
  194. Tallest Dam - Nurek Dam, Tajikistan
  195. Tallest Railway Station Building - Nagoya Station, Japan
  196. Tallest Monument - Gateway Arch, USA
  197. Highest Railway Station - Tanggula Station, Tibet, China
  198. Highest Plateau - Pamir, Tibet

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