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Authentic way to awake yourself, without being stressed

For awakening on right time, we do a lot of hard work. We put alarm, we keep the gadgets away hours before sleeping that was tips of some un-authentic websites.

Either by putting alarm like Alarmy or something similar to that is not going to help you. In spite, it will give you a lot of yawning. These apps normally based on the pattern of problem solving. The first problem is, it is not natural. That's why it can create real health problems, which is not easy to be cured.

Saying to mom, "Hey mom!! I want to wake up early in the morning, please awake me, when you will be awaken", will not work either in a good way. Because if she try to make you come out of bed, you can deny her without any reason.

If you want to wake up really on the right time of your bed, you will definitely awaken easily by following given tips.

1. You can keep your gadget near minutes before you get to sleep. Watching gadgets can never stop you from awakening up. Just remove this myth.
2. Alarm, a trendy fashion of mordern world, it is just a crap to mind and body. These apps may wake you up, but can give illness of Insomnia (lack of Sleep).
3. When you want to sleep, check your body positions. If any body part is straining, replace them in relax manner. Sleeping is just to provide needed relax for body and mind.

The thing that will really help you to come out of deep sleep, that's you. Nature have made all the features of mordern world into us. We don't need washing machine, as we are capable of washing clothes with hands. We don't need mixer, if we are using stones to crush spices.

Awakening, is easy. Just before you went into your dreams, say to yourself, "Your name, awake me up at 04 AM till 11AM." That's all. You have to take your own name, and say to yourself without uttering a single word from mouth. For example, if your name is Albert say to yourself, "Albert, awake me at 05 AM.". That's enough, but it needs self determination. You can't wake yourself up if you don't have self determination.

Bottom line is, if you want to awake yourself in a real or authentic way alarms, mom or anything will not going to work instead of yourself. A very popular thought of English is, "God helps them, who helps themselves".


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