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Our aim is provide you with the quality Articles on different categories, that helps you go to all the contents you need at a place.


1. We offer Quality Articles on different topics (covering all your needs).
2. Stay Updated with us. We offers latest article on software, Jobs/Vacancies, Gadgets, Actors, Lyrics and many more in different categories.
3. All the Software that are given on the site are official and we does not tamper with software.
4. All software is 100% spyware and virus free and quality Articles.
5. You can resume downloads after days and nights with download managers.
6. RSS feeds for all updates on our site including all the services of our site.
7. Pages for faster browsing.


We does not take software submissions from publishers. The site is user focused, we analyze the software market daily for popular software to add.

We also does not represents any content for recommending something as a representative, we just provide information of the products or contents.

Meanwhile, We may add software and other contents on demand of users.

Contact Us

We value your ideas and thoughts about One Click Download India, we rely on our users to help us make us better and better in future. You can send mails to oneclickdownloadindia[at]gmail[dot]com for your valued feedbacks and suggestions.

Why Our Site:

This is the question may arises in your mind, why you visit our site. Firstly, we provide official links means the links provided Official without any tampering with software. I have got a blog post by Avast, that tells some threat that looks like Chrome Browser that installs on your system and installs other PUPs. So don't fear of software tempering at YouthHustle as we provide official only.


1. What is YouthHustle?
Answer: YouthHustle is site where users will get articles over different topics including Software and Lyrics.
2. If there's any Base of YouthHustle?
Answer: Yes, YouthHustle Office is situated in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
3. How does website earn money?
Answer: Website earn money by advertisement. Donation system will be released soon.
5. Who is partner of YouthHustle?
Answer: Safalta Shoppe ICEIT is the only one partner of YouthHustle. It is a Computer Institute of Training students.
6. Have more questions...
Answer: Send Email to us for asking more questions to us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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FileOptimizer 12.20.2183

FileOptimizer helps in reducing size of kinds of files like JPG, PNG to 3GP, 7Z and even .XML files. It offers compression of bundle of  file kinds as given below:


PIN for Signal Setup of DEN Set Top Box India

DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) is one of the most popular and largest cable network in India. It become more popular since Indian Government made the cable digitization compulsory.

DEN provides both SD and HD Set Top boxes. Mostly people go with the SD connection as they provide more channels in good picture quality.

Today, I got to my relative's house and found that their DEN SD is not working at all. I go through the options and found at last "Settings" and in its sub-menu "System Settings". I went on all the options Diagnostics, Signal Setup and TV Setup. I found Signal Setup but it want a password to open.

I have found out 6969 as the Universal Code for setting signal in DEN Set Top Box. I open the Signal setting and found "HOME Ch S21M" set as default Transport Stream. So that's the way I able to found out the Pin of DEN Set Top Box.

Download Sanrachna Typing Tool

Sanrachna Typing Tool is an powerful unicode hindi typing tool that helps in converting English letters in Hindi. Sanrachna can be used to write in Hindi Unicode without learning Hindi Keyboard layout. Sanrachna is compatible with all versions of Windows like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 too.

For Sanrachna you must need .NET Frame Work 2 installed on your PC. Sanrachna have made easy for working on many websites. Sanrachna Typing Tool is wonderful and can be owned by "pressing *Caps Lock*" for typing in hindi. If user want to type in English user need to be press *Caps Lock* again.
Download Sanrachna Hindi Typing Tool for Windows XPDownload Sanrachna Hindi Typing Tool for Windows VistaDownload Sanrachna Hindi Typing Tool for Windows 7 and Windows 8