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Shockwave Flash Player

Shockwave Flash Player is freeware software for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio, content created on the Adobe Flash platform. Flash Player can run from a web browser as a browser plug-in or on supported mobile devices.

Flash Player has a wide user base, with over 90% penetration on internet connected personal computers, and is a common format for games, animations, and GUIs embedded into web pages. Adobe Systems, the developer of Adobe Flash Player, states that more than 400 million of total more than 1 billion connected desktops update to the new version of Flash Player within six weeks of release.

Flash Player can be downloaded for free and its plug-in version is available for recent versions of web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari) on selected platforms. Google Chrome distribution comes bundled with the sand-boxed Adobe Flash plug-in and will continue to support the plugin i…

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR  is a cross-platform runtime software that is developed by Adobe Systems for making desktop apps and mobile apps too. The runtime supports Windows, OS X and mobile OSs like Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

Adobe AIR was supported Linux but was discontinued its 2.6 version in the year 2011. Some best apps made by Adobe AIR are eBay Desktop, TweetDeck, Adobe Media Player, Angry Birds, Machinarium with other 1,00,000 unique apps.

Adobe AIR supports full functionality including text, vector graphics, raster graphics, video, audio, camera and microphone capability. Adobe AIR claimed over 100 million of users.
Download the Software (Adobe AIR / Beta): File Name:AdobeAIRInstaller.exeAdobeAIR.dmgAdobeAIRInstaller.exe (Beta)AdobeAIR.dmg (Beta) Software Name: AIR
Developer: Adobe
File Size: 17.8 and 31.9 MB & 10.3 and 19.4 MB
Official Link:
Download Adobe AIR (Windows)Download Adobe AIR (Mac)Download Ado…

Standalone Flash Player 1.2

Download Standalone Flash Player which does play all Flash files (.swf and .flv). Standalone Flash Player have an in-built detection technology which detect whether there is Flash Player installed on your Personal Computer or not.
If Standalone Flash Player does not find flash installed on your PC, it installs all the needed files to play Flash on your PC. It is a small and smart tool, which is absolutely free for private use and commercial too.
Standalone Flash Player latest version plays Shockwave Flashes and Flash Videos. Standalone Flash Player is easy to use, as its GUI (Graphic User Interface) is same as a Media Player. Standalone Flash Player supports all the Windows higher then Windows XP. Standalone Flash Player does support on Windows Vista, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 too.
Download the Software (Standalone Flash Player 1.2): File Name: STANDALONEFLASHPLAYER_SETUP.exe Software Name: Standalone Flash Player Version: 1.2 Developer: Standalone Flash Player File Size: 2.1 MB Of…
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