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Get LastPass 4.0.3 (Chrome)

LastPass for Chrome, is a password manager extension tool that saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
Save all your usernames and passwords to LastPass, and it will auto login to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them. "This robust password manager is a must-use free tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers." - PCMag Editors' ChoiceSave Everything: Store login usernames and passwordsCheckout fast by adding credit cards & shopping profilesAttach docs, PDFs, images, audio, and moreSave any piece of data you need to keep secure and accessible Manage everything from a simple, searchable “password vault”Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your sitesImprove Your Online Security: Generate secure passwords to replace weak onesCreate new passwords as you sign up for sitesProtect your LastPass account with multifactor authenticationUse the LastPass security check to review your passwords and …

Download LastPass for Firefox 4.0.0

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
LastPass is a password manager that simplifies everything you do online by remembering your passwords, logging into your sites with one click, creating strong passwords for every account, and so much more.
Join over 7 million people who love getting more done every day with our award-winning password manager!
With LastPass, you only remember one master password and LastPass takes care of the rest. It fills your logins for you and instantly syncs from your desktop to your laptop, your computer to your smartphone, your tablet to the Web, so you never struggle to remember another password. 
Why Use LastPass Password Manager? Save, encrypt and backup all your passwords and logins, automaticallySync your data no matter which browser, computer, or mobile device you useOnly one strong master password to rememberSecurely store more logins, with more universal recogni…

3 Chrome Extension for your Safety

Friends, as we all know that Internet becomes our daily need. But with awesome feature of Internet some of risks also comes together.

I have found that much of the persons including me are not too aware about the tracking of websites. They just take on using Internet without any security on the believe of Antivirus. Antivirus can protect from virus content that affects the files of your computer but can't able to disable the tracking and hi-jacking on your computer through Cookies.

Even Google tracks you and your behaviour over their search engine, but they do so to provide more useful information the next time you visit your site. That's why I have find out the 3 Chrome Extension that will provide the level of security you ever wanted. I also use this tools for my security over Internet surfing.
The 3 Chrome Extensions: There are three extension I will recommend and believe that helps in protecting from tracking by blocking the tracking codes on different sites.
1. Adguard …

Stop Unwanted Cookies with Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is the tool I found a few weeks ago on Chrome Extension gallery while finding an tool that provides security and privacy.
This extension is developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation. This extension blocks the cookies from storing on the Computer that comes from other server or source.
Electronic Frontier Foundation is the organization who has developed HTTPS Everywhere that gain a lot of fame everywhere. Privacy Badger have a good look with user friendly Interface. It have slider which have three options blocking cookies, blocking domains and a third one is allowing domain and cookies. Download the Software:File Name: privacy-badger-latest.xpiaddon-506646-latest.xpiSoftware Name: Privacy Badger Version: 1.0.5 Developer:  Electronic Frontier Foundation File Size: 0.99 MB Official Link: Download Privacy Badger for Firefox (Server-1)Download Privacy Badger for Firefox (Server-2)Get Privacy Badger for Chrome (On User Request)

Download MessageSave

MessageSave is a extension that saves and archives Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Messages easily. MessageSave backup the e-mails messages on the hard disk, network drive, CD/DVD etc. MessageSave organize messages in system folders that can be easily accessed and can be used for sharing or filing.
MessageSaveautomatically saves the messages to Folder using Scheduler. MessageSave works with both sent and received messages. MessageSave save message file as (.msg) file including all the content in the message including attachments to it.
MessageSave is highly optimized for speed. MessageSaveneeds with 7 Operating System or higher with Outlook 2003 and higher. Download MessageSave (1.1 MB)

Download Ditto

Ditto is an extension for windows standard clipboard for enhancement of copying experience. Ditto saves item place on the clipboard and can be get anytime after days by days or lots of shutdown process too.
Ditto saves text, images and html to the server through encrypted data processing. Ditto displays thumbnail of copied images in the list. It is fully uni-code supportive. Ditto uses SQlite database. Download Ditto

Download Preference Monitor

Preference Monitor is a Firefox extension that monitors the web browser. Preference Monitor watches for changes on the about:config preferences and provides notification to the user. Preference Monitor detects changes that are made my the Browser, Extension or made by extension to private Firefox preferences.  Download Preference Monitor

Download Extensions for Your Device 1

AVG PrivacyFix 5.0.11 helps in securing the personal information from the advertisement trackers. AVG PrivacyFix works with GMAIL, Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter too. AVG PrivacyFix Helps in securing our personal data and account information.  Download AVG PrivacyFix 5.0.11 for Chrome Download AVG PrivacyFix 5.0.11 for Firefox Download AVG PrivacyFix 5.0.11 for Android Download AVG PrivacyFix 5.0.11 for iDevices HTTPS Everywhere 2015.7.17 is a smart extension for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It encrypts the communication with many major websites for making browsing more secure. HTTPS rewrites requests to these sites to HTTPS. Download HTTPS Everywhere 2015.7.17 for Mozilla Firefox Download HTTPS Everywhere 2015.7.17 for Android Download HTTPS Everywhere 2015.7.17 for Opera Download HTTPS Everywhere 2015.7.17 for Chrome Zenmate 5.1.1 is an advanced extension for protection on Internet or Wifi. It uses cloud to redirect user from other countries and it changes your IP to another one. Using Zenmate,…

Download Greasemonkey 3.4

GreaseMonkey is a  extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to install scripts on web-pages. The script install by user using GreaseMonkey on webpage will be forever, till the user remove it, means whenever use visit the site from its browser the javascript he added will be added automatically as a part of Website. Greasemonkey allows users to write their own script. There are some othere script already exist. Download Greasemonkey 3.4

Download Firefogg Extension

Hey, Hi Friends! Today I have come with an Firefogg Extension it enables converting and uploading videos to Wikimedia Commons ( If you want to upload videos to Wikimedia Commons then you need to install this extension in your Mozilla Firefox Browser. This extension will change your Video extension (.avi, .mp4 or .3gp) to (.webm). Download Firefogg Extension for Windows