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Exact Audio Copy 1.1

Exact Audio Copy is a so called audio grabber for audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. The main differences between EAC and most other audio grabbers are : It is free (for non-commercial purposes)It works with a technology, which reads audio CDs almost perfectly. If there are any errors that can’t be corrected, it will tell you on which time position the (possible) distortion occurred, so you could easily control it with e.g. the media player
With other audio grabbers you usually need to listen to every grabbed wave because they only do jitter correction. Scratched CDs read on CD-ROM drives often produce distortions. But listening to every extracted audio track is a waste of time. Exact Audio Copy conquer these problems by making use of several technologies like multi-reading with verify and AccurateRip. Features of Exact Audio Copy: All kinds of CD and DVD drives are supported (including USB, Firewire, SATA and SCSI drives)Hidden sector synchronization (jitter correction)A sec…

djay Pro in ZIP

djay Pro provides a complete toolkit for performing DJs. Its unique modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, and hardware integration give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights.
At the heart of djay Pro is an innovative, modern user interface that provides flexible layers of functionality alongside a powerful music library into a single window interface.
It combines djay’s Apple Design Award winning turntable view that renders true record grooves on the virtual vinyl with more advanced modes including horizontal and vertical colored waveforms, live sampler and drum pads, FX racks, as well as a powerful four deck view that allows DJs to play, mix and synchronize up to four tracks simultaneously.
Mix videos using a variety of visual transitions including…

ArtCursors 5.26

Aha-Soft ArtCursors is an advanced cursor editor for Windows. ArtCursors allows you to find, create, edit, import and export cursors and manage cursor libraries. Features of ArtCursors: Create and edit static and animated cursors in color depths up to 16 million colorsCreate and edit cursors for Windows in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channelCreate and edit animated .gif imagesCreate and store images containing several layersPaint images with gradient and chess fillModify images with drop shadow, inner shadow, opacity, smooth, negative, grayscale, colorize, rotate, roll and mirror effectsImport cursors from .cur, .ani, .ico, .icpr, .wmf, .emf, .bmp, .wbmp, .jpg, .gif, .xbm, .xpm and .png filesExport cursor images to .cur, .ico, .icpr, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .xbm, .xpm, .wbmp and .rc filesExport animated cursors to animated .gif images and image list bitmapsExtract cursors from Windows executables, libraries and animated cursor filesCreate cursor libraries for better and more eff…

Download Fractracer 1.4

Fractracer is a program for creating, exploring and rendering fractals and other high-complexity 3D shapes.
Fractracer uses powerful script language for defining 3D shapes, scenes, and GUI elements, but can be used as 3D modeling tool without any knowledge of programming. Any created object can be exported as 3D triangle mesh to use in other modeling software. New in Fractracer 1.4: Export mesh sequencesImproved render qualityUpdated animation moduleFixed BugsDownload the Software (Fractracer 1.4):File Name: FractracerSetup.exe Software Name: Fractracer Version: 1.4 Developer: Fractracer Lab File Size: 23.4MB Official Link: Download Fractracer 1.4

Download Blue Cloner 6.40 Build 724

Blue-Cloner is top-rated Blu-ray copy/backup/burn/decryption software which can copy Blu-ray movies to blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs or to the hard disk as Blu-ray folders and Blu-ray ISO image files. The Express and Expert interfaces can meet users' different needs for Blu-ray copy, whether a novice or a professional user. Blue-Cloner 6 is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. There is no need to install a third party driver, since internal UDF 2.50 parser is included to read Blu-ray.
Blue-Cloner 6 enables you to make perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy, movie complete copy, movie-only copy, split copy and customized copy. It also works as Blu-ray player software for you to preview every movie title to avoid unexpected errors and mistakes. It will be constantly updated to remove latest protections and compatible with all Blu-ray burners and Blu-ray discs. With the optimized reading speed and wizard interfaces, Blu-ray copy will be finished just after a cup of coffee. Features of Blue Cl…

Download MagicPrefs 2.4.3

MagicPrefs is a free application for OS X which aims to improve the functionality and configuration options of the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and the MacBook glass track-pad.
It features the ability to bind a variable number of finger clicks, taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures to functions like Middle Click, Hold Down Both Mouse Buttons, Spaces, Expose, Dashboard, Recent Applications, Tweet, Read Tweets, Google Reader etc.
Touch Sensitivity implements a single point control for a number of factors impacting the algorithms of the taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures.
Tracking Speed adds the ability to increase the maximum mouse speed by an extra 200%. Also featured is a real-time display of the fingers touching the surface of the mouse that you can enable to test and monitor the way the mouse sees your input.
MagicPrefs is a application meant to run in the background all the time, it uses less than 1.5% CPU and is optimized for a minimal impact on system performance.
MagicPrefs …

Download GhostReader 2.1

GhostReader is tool made for Mac that can helps in converting text to speech. GhostReader provides facility that is compatible with any application on the Mac device. It can also import text formats like text, word, html, pdf and rtf. Users can choose from different voices.
GhostReader also can modify or edit pronunciation of the words. GhostReaderprovides zoom and text highlight facility that makes it easier to read on the text. GhostReader convert the texts to audio file very easy.
GhostReader is helpful for the users that write long blog posts and want to make it everything right on the post. It can convert the whole text to speech without any other software.
GhostReader Plus with its ability to automatically adjust voices to languages. For people who often use different languages in one text. Download the Software:File Name: GhostReader-Trial.zipGhostReaderPlus-Trial.zipSoftware Name: GhostReader Version: 2.1 Developer: ConvenienceWare File Size: 23.2 MB23.0 MBOfficial Link: http://www.con…

Download SplitCamera

SplitCam is webcam software that provides cool effects that helps in giving friends and families talking with more fun then ever. It can add effects to the videos in-real time. Users can use single camera with many application without having error, "webcam busy".
SplitCam replaces whole face and head with 3D object. It supports all popular services like Skype, YouTube, ooVoo, AOL and more. It allows live video streaming to Livestream, Ustream and other streaming sites. SplitCambroadcast the HD without video quality loss.
With the help of SplitCam Users can stream webcam, video, slideshow and desktop to different video streaming sources. It uses IP camera as a source. It helps uploading videos to YouTube directly. SpliCam also support zoom video feature with help of keyboard and mouse. Download the Software:File Name: SplitCamSetup.exe Software Name: SplitCam Version: Developer: Split Camera File Size: 95.73 MB Official Link: Download Link: Download Spl…

Download Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is an software developed by Scooter Software that helps in comparing files and folders easily using commands. It provides simple GUI with drag and drop support feature. It integrate itself into Explorer of Windows, Finder of OS X and many Linux shells too. It also saves the comparison and user can fetch it next time easily.
Beyond Compare also have an text editor but could not edit PDF and Doc Files. It supports Unicode and MBCS. It can also funds and highlight the programming languages like C, C++, Java, SQL, Pascal, Python and other programming languages. It does not take care of usual differences between files like Comments and Character case (Uppercase or Lowercase). Beyond Compare have an find and replace tool that helps in changing the words on the page with another word. It shows formatted HTML view.
Instead of Files, it also compare tables like CSV file tables, HTML tables and Excel worksheets. It also compare binary files and registry files (.reg) and Pictures to…

Download RedCrab Calculator 5.4

RedCrab is free and portable mathematical tool that provides technical, scientific and financial calculations on a full screen window. It does not need for any technical knowledge but it provides editor that helps in placing algebraic formulas on the worksheet.
It supports Over 35 arithmetic and trigonometric functions, 9 functions and operators for bit handling, 27 data fields and matrix functions, 12 statistical functions and 13 financial functions.
It shows results in different numeric formats or in diagrams. Users can use images and text to describe complex calculations. It supports Windows Vista and higher with .Net Framework 4.5 or higher. Download the Software:File Name: Software Name: RebCrab Version: 5.4 File Size: 6.1 MB Official Link: RedCrab Calculator 5.4

Download Air Video Server HD 2.2.1

Desktop counterpart for the Air Video HD iOS application that makes possible to watch media content on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple TV device without transferring the files. Air Video Server HD is the desktop side of a system designed to enable you to playback media content stored on your computer on any iOS device connected to your network, or that has internet access.
To use the system, you need to have the Air Video HD iOS application installed on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad device. Note that Air Video Server HD is available free of charge, yet Air Video HD requires a commercial license.
Configure the server and stream content to your iOS devices Once the initial configuration is complete, Air Video Server HD can run in the background, without requiring user intervention. A simple status bar menulet lets you know if the server is running or not, and also provides quick access to the Preferences panel.
To get started, within the Air Video Server HD Preferences, you must…

Download Pixia 6.02

Pixia is English version of picture tool that helps in painting and retouching graphics. It supports mask, layer and other image editing tools.
Pixia supports (10240 x 10240) pixels of image. It supports up-to 64 layers. It needs minimum of Windows 7 and higher. Download Pixia 6.02 (32-bit)Download Pixia 6.02 (64-bit)

Download Legacy

Legacy is award winning software that helps in making genealogy. It can create and manage family tree easily. It is able to keep millions of names, dates, events, places, pictures and sounds.
Legacy gives a form with name, alternate name (calling name), special dates, pictures, special notes and others). It have both Family and Pedigree view. It helps in creating charts related to DNA, hourglass, ancestors, bow tie, etc.
Legacy animates ancestors movement through time. It shows how they migrated from place to place. It shows their migration in street, aerial or 3D view. It have duplicate checking that checks if the member user is adding is being added previously or not.
Suggestion: Legacy can also be used by Network Marketer in adding collecting information about their network and peoples.
Passcode (It may be asked during installation)- legacy8 Download Legacy

Download Postbox 4.0.7

Postbox is an email client that is based on Thunderbird. It have feature have contact, images and attachments tags. It indexes images and have a search option that makes easier of finding images.
Postbox have smarter contacts sidebar. It have quick unsubscribe link in the header of message that helps in keeping unwanted messages. 
Postbox supports cloud file sharing to to Dropbox, Box or OneDrive. It have domain fencing where your can change your settings for each of your accounts to suit your personal workflow.
Postboxsupports editing of messages, change the message subject and body. It supports sharing of text to Facebook and Twitter. It have powerful address auto-complete that enables searching for contacts by either first name, last name or domain. Download Postbox 4.0.7 for WindowsDownload Postbox 4.0.7 for Mac OS X

Download Audials Radiotraker 14.0.43404.400

Audials Internet Recorder is a tool that provides 100 radio-station's free mp3 songs to the Hard Disk easily and freely. It provides international, regional and local stations according to user's likes.
Audials Internet Recorder have more than 100,00,000 tracks, category-wise like Artist, Album or Search single track. It saves the desired music to PC automatically. It also additional-feature like Turbo-Speed.
Audials Internet Recorder also provides many podcasts and internet based music stations. It have music universe with 5,00,000 artist images, that can be easily browsed.
Audials Internet Recorder supports from Windows Vista to Windows 10. It needs 1GHz of Processor with 1 GB of drive space and 1 GB ram with high speed internet. Get it live on your Browser, Click Here. Download Audials Radiotraker 14.0.43404.400 for WindowsDownload Audials Radiotraker for AndroidDownload Audials Radiotraker for iOSDownload Audials Radiotraker for Windows 8 from Windows Store

Download IceCream EBook Reader 2.22

IceCream EBook Reader is a EPUB readers that helps in reading various E-books easily. It enables reading of e-books in Windows. IceCream EBook Reader features the ability to turn pages, use bookmarks, search your library, track reading progress and more.
IceCream EBook Reader supports extensions like .EPUB, .FB2, .MOBI, .PDF, .CBR and .CBZ. It resize readers into full screen mode. IceCream EBook Reader have bookmarks that helps remember any specific page of the E-book. It also have night mode that helps in reading in low light.
IceCream EBook Reader transforms entire windows into real book. It supports from Windows XP to Windows 10 with minimum of 512 MB of RAM and 1.33Ghz of processor. Download IceCream EBook Reader 2.22

Download BitCoin 0.11.1

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money that is not been controlled by Governments. Bitcoin enable peer to peer transaction worldwide with low processing fees only.
Bitcoin is open-source network; its design is public and nobody owns or controls BitcoinBitcoin is available for Windows, Mac and also Linux. Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Windows (32-bit)Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Windows (64-bit)Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Linux (32-bit)Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Linux (64-bit)Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Mac (DMG)Download BitCoin 0.11.1 for Mac (TAR)

Download AkelPad 4.9.6

AkelPad is a free and open-source editor for plain text. AkelPad supports Multi-Window and Single-Window. AkelPad supports to unicode strings on Unicode systems. AkelPad supports DOS/Windows, Unix and Mac newline formats.
AkelPadhave multi-level undo feature that is not possible in in-built Editor of Windows "Notepad". AkelPad have new and fast search and replace text. AkelPad supports printing of document and print preview with multi-lingual feature. AkelPad have plugins supports like syntax highlighting, folding, auto-completion, scripts execution, keyboard macros and much more. Download AkelPad 4.9.6